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As a coffee addict, getting my daily dose of caffeine has become somewhat of a ritual for me.

But with coffee prices predicted to soar, with Aussies likely to pay upwards of $5 for a cup of coffee in the city and as much as $7 in remote areas due to ballooning expenses for café owners, I've started to wonder about the hole this ritual could be burning in my hip pocket.

As a long black enthusiast, I'd pay an average of say $4 for a cup of coffee, which equates to about $1460 a year - an expense that almost made my eyeballs pop out of my head when I did the calculations.

I'd never considered buying my own coffee machine to save a quick buck, but when I discovered I could get barista-grade coffee from the comfort of my kitchen, without having to change out of my pyjamas to walk to the local café, I was hooked.

Just like the cafe used to make. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle
Just like the café used to make. Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Philips Coffee LatteGo Series 2200, a coffee machine that literally takes 15 seconds to clean and provides a warm cup of espresso, coffee, cappuccino and even just plain hot water at the touch of a button.

I will admit to feeling a little overwhelmed as I unpacked the large unit, and as somebody who has a phobia of instruction manuals I was wondering if maybe this was just too high-tech for me. As it turned out, however, the setup was super simple that even the likes of me could get it going in about five minutes.

I bought some beans from my favourite local café and in seconds, not only did the coffee aroma waft through my house, I had a steaming cup of joe that tasted exactly like the ones I had come to know and love.

If you're somebody who takes milk with your coffee, the LatteGo has a jug that heats your milk to the perfect temperature. If you miscalculate how much milk you need for your coffee, no worries – the jug is easily detachable and can be stashed in the fridge until you're ready for your next fix.

The Philips Coffee LatteGo Series 2200 retails for $789 on Amazon. Source: Philips
The Philips Coffee LatteGo Series 2200 retails for $789 on Amazon. Source: Philips

The LatteGo has all the settings to cater to your taste, with an adjustable coffee grinder, and options to change the coffee strength and size of your drink. After a bit of trial and error, I finally found what worked for me.

It also features a number of lights that let you know if your machine requires cleaning, more beans or a top-up of water.

Overall I'd give this machine a 10 out of 10, it's easy to set up, simple to clean and provides a damn good cup of coffee.

While it's not a cheap piece of equipment, retailing on Amazon for $789, it is a long-term investment that will save you money in the long run, and ensure all your caffeine needs are being met.

Yahoo Lifestyle Australia received the Philips Coffee LatteGo Series 2200 to try and test on behalf of Philips.

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