The secret to waking up refreshed

Bianca Soldani

There’s nothing worse than having your much-needed rest broken by a blaring alarm, reminding you that it isn’t the weekend yet.

No matter how many times you hit snooze, it’s hard to shake that awful, groggy feeling, but according to a new sleep calculator, there’s a nifty way to stop that from happening.

The website, which is run by interior designs brand Hillarys, asks you when you need to wake up, and then it calculates the best time for you to go to sleep.

No one likes waking up feeling groggy. Photo: Getty

It doesn’t necessarily work off how many hours of sleep you’re supposed to get – which for an adult is between seven and nine hours – but rather off the premise of the 90-minute sleep cycle.

The idea is we go through multiple stages of sleep every 90 minutes or so, and if we interrupt it and wake up in the middle of one of these cycles, rather than at the end, we won’t wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested.

It's more about when in the sleep cycle you wake up, than after how many hours. Photo: Getty

So it calculates that if you need to wake up at 6.30am, you should hit the sack at 9.16pm for nine hours sleep, or at 90 minute intervals after that – so 10.46pm, 12.16am or even 1.46am – to have the best chance of waking up peacefully with less shut eye.

This factors in the 14 minutes it takes the average person to fall asleep once going to bed.

Try it out yourself here, it’s free to use.

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