The Rush: Panthers release Cam Newton...where will Superman land?

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE to see today’s piping-hot, fresh-outta-the-oven episode of THE RUSH with Jared Quay! We’ll let you know everything you didn’t know you needed to know about sports. Other stuff too. But mostly sports.

It’s Wednesday, March 25, 2020 and here’s what Jared is cookin up:

  • The IOC officially postponed the 2020 Tokyo Games until next summer, a day after committee member Dick Pound suggested that such an action was likely. 

  • The Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton ended their nine year relationship, so where will the QB land next?

  • Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence and his girlfriend, Anderson University soccer star Marissa Mowry started a GoFundMe for COVID-19 victims that the NCAA promptly shut down, citing a rules violation. 

  • Joel Embiid appears in the Yahoo Sports Good News Tracker as his $500,000 donation to 76ers employees helped convince the team owners not to cut salaries.

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