'There's a danger': The Project hosts' warning about easing lockdown restrictions

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

The hosts of The Project have issued a warning to Australians over the easing of lockdown restrictions.

On Monday night's episode of the show, Waleed Aly said he was concerned about what it will mean for the country.

The Project hosts had a warning about the easing of lockdown restrictions on Monday night. Photo: Ten

"This is a big moment, I reckon, like we're entering this new phase. The Eastern states are heading towards [going] back to school. Victoria and Tasmania are finally starting to move some restrictions.

"I kind of feel like everyone's getting excited about that, we naturally would. But I'm worried there's a danger."

Carrie Bickmore agreed, "That we'll have a second wave, because everyone will go nuts."

Waleed responded, "Yeah, not so much because of the rules, but because of the psychology. Do you know what I mean?"

His co-hosts agreed with Steve Price adding, "I think the number of people out and about in Victoria over the weekend, you can't put this genie back in the bottle. Once people have decided 'that's it, lockdown's over!' I don't think governments can tell them to go back inside. I just don't think it works like that."

Carrie added that it was important to remember that "just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

Waleed Aly and his Project co-hosts reminded viewers not to become complacent just because there's been an easing of restrictions. Photo: Ten

"So, even though restrictions are easing, it doesn't mean it gives you license to do all the things you haven't done in the last three months," she said.

Steve continued, "But I bet we all know someone who's broken the rules over the last weekend."

Peter Hellier jumped in saying that people were clearly becoming a bit more relaxed in their habits, saying it's likely that people aren't washing their hands as much as they used to.

"I've got to say, I was disgusted to see the protests in Melbourne and Sydney over the weekend. I mean, we're all going to be judged on did we help or did we hinder during this crisis and they were clearly hindering," he added.

Waleed said he'd been listening to Prime Minister Scott Morrison's latest briefing and he noticed that most questions seemed to be focused on the fact that lockdown was completely over.

Carrie Bickmore said she was worried there'd be a second wave of infections if people weren't careful about restrictions. Photo: Ten

"He kept making this point: this isn't over," he said, with Carrie adding, "It'll be two steps forward, one step back, it'll be gradual."

Waleed asked her if that's what she thinks will happen, but she said she had no way of knowing as no one has ever "walked this path before".

Peter, however, revealed that he didn't think there were a lot of people who were even keen for the lockdown restrictions to be over.

"I think there's a lot of people who aren't busting to get out," he said.

Steve agreed, saying there are lots of people saying, "I quite enjoy this."

Waleed finished by saying, "I think there are going to be a lot of people who hear the permission, and they don't hear the warning."

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