Hamish Macdonald's extremely rude gesture during live stream

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

He’s used to being in front of the camera reporting on everything from wars, natural disasters and conflicts throughout his career, but Hamish Macdonald definitely looked relaxed as he flipped the bird at the lens during last night’s Walkley Awards to celebrate excellence in journalism. 

The 38-year-old appeared to be thoroughly enjoying himself in the crowd, so much so that when the lens turned to him during Channel 10 host Sandra Sully’s speech on the importance of journalism, he jokingly gave the middle finger to the camera. 

Hamish Macdonald was caught on camera flipping the bird at last night's Walkley Awards show. Photo: Sky News

“It reminds us of the profound importance of what it is we do and the need to ensure the powerful are always held to account. As you know, journalism is not a crime,” Sandra said. 

The footage appeared on award-winning broadcaster Paul Murray’s live Facebook show for Sky News, which takes place every Thursday between 9-11pm and is touted as “an alternative look at the day's news”.

Perhaps Hamish was just busy celebrating his new Q&A hosting gig with the ABC, after his shock departure from The Project. 

Hamish is the new host of ABC's Q&A. Photo: Getty Images

Hamish, a veteran news journalist of two decades, will also become a regular member of RN Breakfast’s on-air team in addition to reporting for current affairs program, Foreign Correspondent.

Last week, rumours began swirling that he’d have to bid farewell to The Project before embarking on his new Q&A gig, despite hopeful Ten spokespeople claiming the host could continue doing both.

Reports in The Australian’s Diary section suggested Hamish was being ‘forced to give up the role’ on The Project by the national broadcaster due to his increased workload.

Hamish Macdonald has quit his hosting role on The Project alongside Carrie Bickmore. Photo: Channel 10

Hamish’s impressive resume stretches back to the 1990s before he took taking up his first presenting gig with the UK’s Channel 4 in 2003.

Since then the 38-year-old has worked with Al Jazeera English and as an International Affairs Correspondent and with the US’ ABC before starting at Network 10 nine years ago.

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