The Nanny's Fran Drescher teases major revival of sitcom

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The star of 90s hit sitcom The Nanny has teased a major revival of the beloved show during an interview on The Project.

Fran Drescher was talking about the resurgence of the show and an upcoming musical on Broadway before teasing fans with the suggestion they may not have seen the end of The Nanny.

When host Kate Langbroek asked Fran if we would ever see her back on our screens as the beloved Fran Fine, the star suggested there could be a revival in the works.

Kate Langbroek interviews Fran Drescher on The Project.
Kate Langbroek quizzes Fran Drescher about a revival of The Nanny. Source: The Project

"You know, I really have been thinking about that ever since we've been writing the musical," she said.

"It's made me miss doing the character. And so we are thinking about that.

"But it might be a movie, who knows. I can't talk about it now. But you'll be the first to know when something is secured."


The quintessential 90s show has been experiencing a resurgence in recent years, with the show launching on streaming services, and the star told The Project it was the "gift that keeps on giving".

"I'm grateful, first of all, because its popularity helps support the things ... the platforms I try and talk about on behalf of the greater good – my organisation Cancer Schmancer," she said.

"The kids who grew up watching it were the pioneers of social media. When they rediscovered the show and were able to enjoy some of the humour and definitely the costumes and everything, they started buzzing about it on social media and really for the first time in history all the fans around the world could communicate with each other."

Fran Drescher stars in The Nanny.
Fran Drescher says The Nanny might be revived with a movie. Source: The Project

Fran added she would not be starring in the musical as she "can't sing", and said it would be a whole new production for the stage.

"It's going to be bigger in a way. Much bigger in a way than the TV show with a lot more people in it," she said.

"We're hoping that we'll find someone that is like a younger me, that can really sing, and be funny, and God willing we will."

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