Chris Evans ends romance over ‘mortifying’ bathroom incident

Singer and actress Jana Kramer has opened up about an "embarrassing" incident that ended her brief relationship with Captain America star Chris Evans.

The One Tree Hill actress made the "mortifying" confession about her last sleepover at the actor's house when they dated more than a decade ago on her Whine Down with Jana Kramer podcast.

Jana met Chris before he rose to fame as Captain America, but said he was a "heartthrob cutie".

"I can't remember how many dates it was, I just remember the last date," she said.

Chris Evans poses for a selfie while Jana Kramer poses for a sultry snap.
Chris Evans and Jana Kramer had a brief relationship over a decade ago. Source: Instagram

Admitting she was "still mortified" by what happened, Jana shared the awkward bathroom incident with her listeners.

"This is an embarrassing thing. This is so embarrassing," she said.

"And he had all of his friends there, and we were all hanging out, it was a fun time.

"It was a fun time, but I was getting a little sleepy."


Jana added she went off to bed, but needed to use the bathroom beforehand. However, the asparagus she had for dinner came back to bite her when she did an "asparagus pee".

According to Associate Professor of Urology at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr Christopher Smith, asparagus can cause a sulphurous odour that can smell like rotten eggs or cooked cabbage.

"I had asparagus for dinner that night. And so I went to the bathroom, and [Chris] immediately went after me," she revealed.

"So that's the last interaction that I remember, is him going to the bathroom after I just went to the bathroom with this asparagus pee. And never hearing from him again from the morning."


The country music singer said the pair did not "hook up" after the toilet incident and the embarrassing moment is always "in the back of [her] mind".

"I never heard from him again," she said.

Jana's confession comes after Chris was named PEOPLE's Sexiest Man Alive for 2022 and he revealed he was in a "serious" relationship with actress Alba Baptista.

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