Bachelor in Paradise's Apollo and Simone split

Olivia Morris

We're still in shock over how many people left on last night's episode of Bachelor In Paradise.

But we were most surprised by Apollo's decision to leave with Simone to "make it work" on the outside.

However their relationship didn't last long as both have confirmed they are no longer together.

Simone and Apollo have split, despite leaving the show together last night hand-in-hand. Source: Ten

"Unfortunately, Simone and I just didn’t work out," Apollo told Who. "We tried our best but obviously, but with our work schedules we just couldn’t really make it work."

However there's no bad blood between the pair with the professional entertainer saying their breakup "was all positive".

Apollo gave his rose to Simone last night before they left the show together. Source: Ten

"We just couldn’t really make it work," he went on. "We both think each other are awesome, but romantically it didn’t work out."

But while the news may surprise you, especially as Simone has been plastering their relationship all over social media, it wasn't a shock for Be.

What you may have missed was the 25-year-old mouthing a big

Why you ask? Well, it seemed he was showing doubt about his feelings for her all along, but because there was SO MUCH DRAMA on the show you may have missed it.

As viewers saw last night, Apollo dgave his rose to Simone.

But what you may have missed was the 25-year-old mouthing a big "sorry" to Elora with puppy dog eyes, whilst also looking like he was filled with confusion over his decision.

Elora was left heart broken, maybe she'll have a shot now? Source: Ten

As Elora left the rose ceremony, Apollo looked more bamboozled than ever, even saying in a piece to camera after the rose ceremony everything "had gone to sh*t".

While the pair have both posted photos together about their time in Paradise – unlike Grant and Ali – it seems like they share more of a friendship rather than a romance. Source: Ten

So while we're sad these two couldn't work things out, we totally called it.

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