The Male Birth Control Pill Is Coming

If you've tossed your contraceptive pills in the bin after years of news stories about their side effects, rest assured that the male pill is reportedly well on its way.

According to the Global Post, researchers in Indonesia have come up with a new alternative for men that involves a rare type of plant found in the region.

"It's 99 percent effective," Bambang Prajogo, the lead scientist on the study, told the Global Post. "The pill weakens enzymes in sperm that allow them to squirm into a woman's ovum." He and his team said that men would need to take the pill once daily, much like the female version, but that "unlike female birth control pills, it doesn't tinker with hormones, which causes so many unpleasant side effects."

"Overall, researchers haven't seen anything that remotely rivals the zits, nausea, sporadic bleeding and other effects many women endure on hormone-based birth control pills," the Global Post reported, though it's thought the contraceptive may result in weight gain and increased libido.

Researchers plan to have the pill for sale in Indonesia by 2016, but countries such as Australia will require more testing before its allowed on counters here.

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