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The 'life-changing' cleaning robot shoppers are going crazy for

Robot vacuums have certainly changed how we clean our floors, but wouldn't it be nice if they could clean the rest of our houses too? Introducing the AlfaBot X6, the glass cleaning robot that can literally clean any surface hands-free and while it might sound too good to be true, this smart machine has a 4-star rating from over 400 Amazon shoppers.

The gadget cleans and polishes windows streak-free and needless to say, it's quickly becoming a must-have item.

"Stop it!! I love a good cleaning helper," one person commented after seeing it in action on social media.

"I'd get it simply because I suck at getting the mirrors and windows streak free when I clean them," added another.

The robot window cleaner in action
Hands-free cleaning at its best! This robot cleaner makes it super easy to clean out-of-reach windows and mirrors. Photo: Facebook

"I'm 5' 2"... this would be a lifesaver," commented a third.

How does it work?

The window cleaner attaches itself to any hard surface using its intense suction action and rotates to clean. All you need to do is apply cleaning product to the surface or cleaning pad, attach the robot and turn it on using the remote control - that's it.

The cleaning wheels then get to work, rotating at 70 revolutions per minute. The microfibre cleaning pads ensure scratch free cleaning and it has three different modes to choose from.

The Alfabot X6 and remote control
Simply attach and set the cleaning method you need - that's it! Picture: Facebook.

The cleaning system also detects window frames and other objects, just like a robot vacuum, and it will automatically clean around those areas. So you literally just set and forget. So simple.

What can it clean?

While it's been specifically designed to clean hard-to-reach windows, it can also be used in a range of other areas around the home. The scratch-free cleaning pads mean they can be used on bathroom wall tiles, bench tops, mirrors, shower screens, glass table tops and well, pretty much any vertical surface.

Those who had already tested it out have said it's a great time-saving cleaning gadget that helped them complete multiple cleaning jobs at once.

"It works great for large mirrors and high-level windows. You don't need to pull out a ladder or anything. Just move from mirror to mirror while folding laundry and save yourself some time," one person wrote.

Another person agreed, commenting: "I have one and love it!"

The Alfabot X6 cleaning a bathroom wall and mirror
The two cleaning wheels work alternately to clean vertical surfaces including glass, mirrors, windows and wall tiles. Photo: Facebook

The cleaner comes with a safety rope for using it on high surfaces and has an internal battery that keeps the robot running when unplugged.


How much does it cost?

The AlfaBot X6 Automatic Smart Glass Cleaner Robot Vacuum will set you back $320, while replacement cleaning pads are available on Amazon for $41.88 for 12 microfibre pads.

There are other versions of the robot available too, ranging in price from $229.83 for a basic model to $527 for the Sophinique X5 Window Vacuum Cleaner, which comes with auto spray and app control.

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