The luxe hotel that doesn’t let your fitness routine slip

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
My stay The Westin Brisbane was the perfect balance of fitness and all-out luxury. Photo: Supplied

Holidaying for me is often an excuse to throw away my life’s already-limited rule book and go ham on indulgence.

From copious amounts of cocktails to stuffing my face with fried food and abandoning all habits which may help extend life expectancy, being somewhere exotic is usually enough of a reason for all-out appeasement.

But after arriving at The Westin in Brisbane to celebrate Global Running Day, I quickly realised my normal holiday routine wouldn’t be an option for my stay at the newly-built five-star hotel.

Operating under the three pillars of eating well, sleeping well and moving well, The Westin aims to keep guests’ fitness very much on-track during their luxury stay.

Running concierge

This is perhaps most evident through their running concierge service, which lets guests take advantage of an athletic expert to whip them into shape during their stay in the city.

Get ready for the best snooze of your life in one of the The Westin's Heavenly Beds, which can retail for $6,000AUD. Photo: Supplied
The food on offer at Eden's Table is of similar calibre to what I typically whip up at home - not. Photo: Holly Hales

The concierge shows runners the best spots in Brisbane to hit the track - or as they put it, to run like a local.

They also curate running routes, concierge-led group sessions and to ensure there’s no room for excuses here activewear is available to hire, with the promise of a fresh set delivered to your hotel room in just 15 minutes.

Luxury hotel

The Westin’s strong focus on guests’ wellbeing is nothing short of infectious but I’m not going to lie, I still indulged in chips, cocktails and all the good stuff, which are all still on offer in the hotel - after all, I had spent the morning working out.

The hotel's pillar of Sleep Well, Eat Well and Move Well are no joke - just look at how they prep you for bed! Photo: Holly Hales

Visitors to the Brisbane hotel can relax with an epic dinner showcasing southeast Queensland’s best farm-to-table produce in the hotel’s signature restaurant, Eden’s Table.

Or if you’re on the wellness buzz, you can find your zen with some poolside yoga.

My fitness journey

For me, the stay at The Westin came four years after I first concocted the idea of a knee injury - despite having no evidence of this ever being sustained.

This has meant I haven’t so much as jogged in the intervening time, due to the unfounded fear my knee would for some reason give way.

My pre-race attitude is scarily similar to someone who actually has an impressive level of fitness. Photo: Holly Hales

So when a 5km fun run was pencilled in by The Westin for world running day - it took a while to be convinced.

But after a few days spent flexing and over-snoozing in The Westin’s famed Heavenly Bed - which retail for upwards of $6,000AUD - I was more than ready to hit the track.

Despite my fear, the jaunt around Brisbane’s sunny CBD went off without a hitch and although breaks to walk were regular, I got through the run relatively scot free and managed to face my fear of my heart rate getting above its resting level.

The well-planned route also gives guests a perfect excuse to see some of the city’s prettiest sights from Southbank to its Botanic Gardens and across the famously-discoloured Brisbane River.

When the finish line eventually came I had a renewed sense of understanding for the humble run, a feeling made all the better by the catered breakfast I devoured back at the hotel.

This writer travelled to Brisbane as a paid guest of The Westin.

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