Three products that saved my skin on a long-haul flight

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There are many things (first world problems) that annoy me about flying - packed airports, the ridiculous lack of legroom in economy class and snoring plane passengers to name a few.

But the polluted cabin air and weeks of recovery for my skin afterwards has to be one of the things I dread the most about taking to the skies.

No matter how many 100ml products I pack into those tiny plastic ziplock bags at airport security, It’s inevitable that after 20-odd hours of sitting in an air-pressurised cabin, I’ll be left with skin that resembles a dry piece of toast and later I’ll be blessed with a dose of angry spots for good measure.

Cabin air wreaks havoc with my skin. Photo: Getty Images

So when I headed to Europe last month for two weddings, I was fully prepared to own the zingers I was about to be sporting in all the photos.

Step forward Elizabeth Arden’s Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules Radiance Renewal Serum, which has not only managed to brighten up my winter complexion for the past few weeks, but also somehow stopped the plethora of skin problems I usually experience after a long-haul flight.

In fact, I actually received compliments from friends of mine just two days after I stepped off the plane, who asked me for a list of products I’d used.

What’s so great about the Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules Radiance Renewal Serum?

The first thing you need to know about Elizabeth Arden’s Vitamin C Capsules is that they are packed full of super skincare ingredient, Vitamin C, which helps the skin fight against free radicals.

When you’re stuck on a plane for over 20 hours, a product that aims to be a barrier against pollution is your best friend.

I didn't get the usual plethora of spots and dry skin for days after I stepped off the flight. Photo: Supplied

“Free radicals are out in the environment all around us. Especially in cities. Pollution, the types of food we eat, maybe some medication. All these sorts of things create free radical damage, and antioxidants actually work to fight against free radical damage. It's like an antioxidant sees a free radical and makes friends with it and balances it out so it stops attacking your skin cells,” Elizabeth Arden’s national education manager, Philippa Curnow, said.

Oil-based Vitamin C

According to Philippa, each of the individual fragrance-free capsules (which are made from vegetable gum and dissolve in water) are made with oil-based tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, which is 178 times more potent than traditional Vitamin C.

Despite the fact that it’s an oil-based product, and that I have oily skin, it didn’t clog up my skin, which lapped up the dreamy serum once I applied it on the plane and absorbed it within minutes.

All you have to do is twist off the top of the capsule, pump our three drops of the serum and apply to your face and then use the rest of the formula for your neck and décolletage.

Elizabeth Arden's Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules Radiance Renewal Serum is what our in-flight dreams are made of. Photo: Supplied

Each capsule also contains Vitamin E (to keep the Vitamin C stable) and ceramides (to help the Vitamin C penetrate deeper into the layers of skin), which really adds to the luxurious feel of this product - and luxurious it is, coming in at a pretty pricey $150 for 60 capsules.

However, it doesn’t just help keep your skin looking great while flying, as it’s also said to reduce the appearance of dark spots, brighten the skin and improve firmness and elasticity over time.

I also used the Youth To The People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream, which helped my skin fight against the harsh cabin pressure. Photo:

While I firmly believe the Vitamin C antioxidant powerhouse product was my in-flight saviour, I also used some other seriously great products on the plane, including the Youth To The People Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream to deeply hydrate my skin above the clouds.

I’ve sworn by this $87 product for the last few months, mainly because it makes my skin feel super soft all day long.

I’m also a big fan of the brand’s $72 Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask, which is a dream overnight mask that saves dehydrated winter skin.

During the night, the mask promises to help restore skin functions, which can help slow down visible changes of the skin.

It also helps plump skin and gives a dose of vitamin C to brighten skin tone.

The Grown Alchemist Hydra-Mist+: Desert Lime & Amino Peptide spray gave me a much-needed soothing boost whenever I needed it. Photo: Mecca

Another one of my in-flight essentials is the Grown Alchemist Hydra-Mist+: Desert Lime & Amino Peptide spray to soothe and boost luminosity.

The $30 30ml bottle contains hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to reduce signs of aging and leave skin feeling soft and hydrated.

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