The calming bed for dogs people swear by: 'Obsessed'

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Original Pupnaps Calming Bed
The Original Pupnaps Calming Bed will keep your dog's anxiety at bay. Credit: Calming Blankets

You've heard of the benefits of weighted blankets for humans - but did you know there's an equivalent for dogs? 

The Original Pupnaps Calming Bed, now $79 reduced from $99, is designed to keep pooches calm and comfortable, making them feel secure and cosy.

Calming Blankets Pup Bed
The oversized rim gives your pup somewhere to hide so they feel secure and sheltered. Credit: Calming Blankets

Made from super soft fur, these beds have a specially designed oversized rim which can either act as a comfy pillow, or give your pup somewhere to hide, and feel totally secure. 

The beds have extra padding inside so the dogs feel really warm and comfortable, adding to the calming effect.


"My Kelpie x Blue Heeler has significant anxiety in storms and other loud noises," says one fan. "From the moment I put the bed on the floor she spent the entire day sleeping in it. When we left for a walk, she came back to lay in her new bed. She is obsessed!"

Another happy customer says: "We are all in LOVE with this new bed! Memphis adores this calming bed to snuggle up by the fire! He is already feeling more settled and less anxious."

Original Pupnaps Calming Bed
The Original Pupnaps Calming Bed is great for dogs of all sizes. Credit: Calming Blankets


The beds have removable covers so they're easy to wash, prolonging the life of the bed - and making it easy to wash quickly so your dog can sleep it in each night.

They come in four sizes; a small 30cm base for puppies, cats, sausage dogs and toy poodles; a medium 45cm base, a large 75cm base, and extra large 90cm base for German Shepherds and Great Danes. They come in three colours; navy, grey and pink, so you can choose one that suits your home - and your hound.

Original Pupnaps Calming Bed
Choose a Original Pupnaps Calming Bed that suits your dog. Credit: Calming Blankets

At the moment, you can get free shipping to anywhere in Australia too, which should take between two and 14 days. There's a big demand, so some of these beds are on pre-order, and will be shipped when available.

If you need something quickly, similar calming pet beds include:

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The AUSELECT Donut Anti Anxiety Pet Cushion, $34.99

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