The Block's Shelley Craft only eats between midday and 6pm

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

The Block host Shelley Craft has revealed her unusual day on a plate, which sees her only eating between a six-hour timeframe during the day.

The 43-year-old, who is known for keeping The Block contestants’ spirits up during the gruelling filming process, claims the diet rules she puts in place help her ‘digestion and suits her lifestyle’.

"When at home, I try to only eat between midday and 6pm, and not before or after," she told Good Health & Wellbeing Magazine.

"I'll have a bulletproof coffee (brewed coffee, unsalted butter and coconut oil) for breakfast, then something to eat at midday.

“I've tried everything along the way – the 5:2, the this and that – often for no reason other than curiosity.

Shelley says her diet helps with her digestion and wellbeing. Photo: Getty Images

“But I find this gets my digestion working really well, it never feels like I'm fasting and it really suits my lifestyle, which makes it way easier to commit to."

Shelley lives in Byron Bay with her real estate husband of 10 years, Christian, and her two daughters, Milla, nine, and Eadie, seven.

Speaking previously about her family life, Shelley told Domain she counts herself very lucky at the life she leads.

“I’ve travelled a lot and Byron Bay is my favourite place on earth. So I’m living in my dream house, in my dream location,” she said.

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