The Block: Two houses have been egged in bizarre attack before auctions

'These things happen.'

Two of the houses on this year’s season of The Block have reportedly been egged ahead of Sunday night’s highly-anticipated finale.

Kristy and Brett’s landscaper Dan joined The Fox’s Fifi, Fev & Nick on Friday morning to share the news that two properties had been targeted on Wednesday evening.

The Block's Steph and Gian looking disappointed.
Two of the properties on this year’s season of The Block have reportedly been egged. Photo: Channel Nine

“I cannot confirm nor deny that two nights ago, potentially someone might have got eggs thrown at the side of their house,” he claimed.

“I’m not confirming or denying but that may have happened.”


When asked which of the Charming Street houses had been egged, Dan teased that it may have been Steph and Gian’s and Eliza and Liberty’s.

“I’d like to think it never happened just quietly, but these things happen,” he said.

It’s unknown whether the incident will be mentioned during the upcoming auctions, which will be filmed on Saturday and air on Channel Nine on Sunday evening.

The Block's Steph and Gian / Eliza and Liberty.
Kristy and Brett’s landscaper hinted it was Steph and Gian and Eliza and Liberty’s properties that were targeted. Photos: Channel Nine

Channel Nine rushes to film last-minute footage for the finale

As this year’s season of The Block approaches its end, Channel Nine has reportedly requested more footage of the teams getting along to include in the final episode.

An insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that while cameras usually continue rolling until the auction, producers made sure to reunite the contestants so the show can end on a positive note.

Channel Nine is said to have made the last-minute decision after listening to feedback from viewers that the “toxic drama” between the cast has made the show “unwatchable” - despite this year’s ratings being higher than last season’s.


“A couple of the houses were concerned there was a MAFS-style dinner party being set up to capture the current behind-the-scenes tension, but it is the opposite,” the source shares.

“The houses have been seen filming in Melbourne CBD in fun environments so the footage will book-end the auctions.”

Host Scott Cam took the cast to see Elvis: A Musical Revolution a few days ago, and the whole filming process this week is said to have been “cathartic” for everyone.

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