The Block star Tanya teases her return to TV in 2022: ‘All about me’

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She was the face of one of the most controversial reality TV moments in 2021, and now it seems like Tanya Guccione might be making her return to screens in the next year.

The Block star, who came in third place with her husband Vito on the home renovation show, has teased a TV comeback after this year’s infamous cheating scandal.

The Block's Tanya Guccione.
Tanya Guccione says she’s keen to return to TV in 2022. Photo: Instagram/tanyaguccione

“I don’t think based on that season that we’ll be going away any time soon,” she told

“We’ve had some laughs and some giggles with [executive producer] Julian Cress and some Nine executives and they’re nothing but grateful. They’re like ‘It’s because of you guys that we had a cracker season’.”


Despite being portrayed as a ‘villain’, Tanya said that she “doesn’t regret it for a second” and is keen to make an appearance in future seasons.

“I might end up on the show next year handing out paintings,” she said, referring to her artwork that’s currently being sold on The Block Shop.

“There is that theatre of ‘Oh here we go, this girl again’… [So] the purple-haired bandit could strike again!”

The Block's Tanya and Vito.
Tanya says she doesn’t regret going on The Block at all. Photo: Instagram/tanyaandvito

Season 17 of The Block, titled The Block: Fans v Faves, was shrouded with controversy after host Scott Cam discovered somebody had photographed the show's production schedule.

Tanya denied taking the picture at first but finally confessed at the pre-auction that she was the culprit.

A few days after the finale she posted a lengthy statement online apologising for the “tumultuous road” she took, which she says was “a fear-based decision”.

“I have regrets and so much that I could say about this season but all I really want to say is ‘Sorry, we let so many people down’,” she wrote on Instagram.

“The humiliation on national television is, I can assure you, is the biggest punishment of all!”

Reflecting on the incident and its portrayal on TV one month on, Tanya said that “it’s kind of funny” that the whole show was “all about me”.

“It wasn’t the prettiest portrayal, but there were a lot of big personalities on there and for some reason the camera was always at bloody House 3!” she said in the recent interview.

“At the end of the day, people kept watching and loving the drama.”

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