The Block star's surprising theory on who will win: 'History repeats itself'

Former Block contestant Jess Eva has weighed in on this year’s season of the renovation series and shared an interesting theory about who she thinks will win.

The radio host, who competed on the show in 2018 with her partner Norm Hogan, told Daily Mail that she believes ‘villains’ Sharon and Ankur will be crowned the winners during Sunday night’s auction purely because of how outspoken they’ve been against the producers.

The Block 2023 cast.
The Block’s Jess Eva believes Sharon and Ankur (centre) will win this year’s season. Photo: Channel Nine

“I dare say that Sharon and Ankur would probably take it out and I'm only saying that from an analytical point of view if you let history predict the future,” she shared.

“If you look at couples who have slammed The Block in the past, they seem to go well. If you look at Tess and Luke. If you look at Sara and Hayden. Both of those guys won.

“It's not related in any way, but if history repeats itself, the ones who complain the most seem to win the most.”

The I’m A Celebrity star went on to praise Sharon and Ankur’s “gorgeous” house and suggest that they should focus on their build rather than the show’s dramatic plot.


Jess and Norm came in fifth place on season fourteen of The Block, selling their apartment for $2,859,000 and taking home a profit of $209,000. In 2020 she revealed that they had spent all of their winnings on swimming pools, failed bets, helping friends and even paying the rent of a stranger on Facebook.

As for this year's season, betting agency Sportsbet has tipped Victorian couple Tom and Sarah-Jane as the likely winners, with odds of $2.00.

The Block's Jess Eva and Norm Hogan.
Jess competed on season fourteen of The Block with her partner Norm Hogan. Photo: Channel Nine

Sharon and Ankur’s biggest regret

Sharon and Ankur have openly slammed The Block producers for their ‘villain’ edit this season and even recently said that they no longer watch it.

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle ahead of the auction, the couple admitted that they were “really naive” going on the show as they thought it would be the least dramatic reality program.

They said their honesty was their downfall, and their on-screen emotion such as frustration or crying meant Australia instantly labelled them as ‘whingers’ or ‘sooks’.


“I never want to do things with regrets,” Ankur said. “Not that I’d do [the show] again, but [if I did], I would unfortunately not be as open — like everybody else played the game and they did it well. I think honesty, which is ironic because we got painted as liars and cheats, sort of cost us in the end.”

Sharon, who starred on Neighbours from 2017 to 2019, added that the ‘manipulative’ aspect behind reality TV was the hardest thing for her to cope with during filming.

“It was really obvious when things were set up, and I found that really hard. It didn’t feel like reality,” she confessed.

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