The Block 2023 room reveals: Kristy and Brett's master bedroom and walk-in robe

Kristy and Brett's rooms were a hit amid a week of drama.

After last week, lighting was a big focus for Kristy and Brett, ensuring they filled the room up. The couple also spent part of their week ‘playing’ with the other couples and ‘messing’ with them, causing a fair bit of drama on The Block. But when it came down to it, their rooms were a bit hit with the judges.

Week 6 - Master bedroom and walk-in robe

Points: 27 1/2

Spend: $42,825

Judges comments:

‘So light and airy and warm and cozy… sort of gives you a big hug’ - Marty.

‘Floor plan. Perfect’ - Marty.

‘I think the basic lighting plan’s really good’ - Shaynna.

‘That shot, that is heaven. That is what you put on your marketing brochure” - Darren on their bedroom.

Kristy and Brett smile posing in the centre of their room, in front of a large bed and a cream coloured rug.
Kristy and Brett's master bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine
A shot of the shelves and drawers inside the walk-in robe.
Kristy and Brett's walk-in robe. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 5 - Living and Dining

The Block's Kristy and Brett chose to only do their living room due to the configuration of their house, leaving out their dining area.

The hero this week for the judges was the fireplace, but the size of the room seemed to be a sticking point and they were relieved to hear it would be one of two living spaces in the house.

Points: 25 ½

Spend: $23,325

Judges comments:

“That plaster finish is to die for” - Darren.

“This is also probably the first lounge room that would function properly in terms of sitting and having a conversation that we’ve seen today” - Darren.

“I was thinking this is quite a small living space for a house of this size” - Neale.

“I think it’s a very basic lighting layout, all the lighting is literally sitting over the seating” - Shaynna.

“This room is crying out for a lamp” - Neale.

“They’ve got the basics, they’re all happening, but you’re attention to detail is just going to step you” - Shaynna.

A wide shot of the living room, with the fireplace front left, a tv on the back wall and seating in the middle.
Kristy and Brett's unique fireplace was a hit with the judges. Credit: Channel Nine
Kristy and Brett pose smiling with their arms held out in their living room.
Kristy and Brett's living room. Credit: Channel Nine

It was a week of bumps in the road from The Block's Kristy and Brett, quite literally, after Kristy hit a bollard while driving. But when it came to their downstairs bathroom, the judges really liked their choices and according to Shaynna "Kristy and Brett have found their groove."

Week 4: Downstairs bathroom

Points: 27 ½

Spend: $33,718

Judges comments:

"This is a proper five bedroom.. this is a different league" - Marty.

"It's glamorous and I love this beautiful sense of length and linear lines wtihout it being overwhelming" - Shaynna.

Kristy and Brett smile and pose in front of their vanity.
Kristy and Brett's downstairs bathroom went down a treat with the judges. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the bathroom, showing the shower on the far wall and the door on the right.
Kristy and Brett's downstairs bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine


Week 3: Work From Home

Points: 24

Spend: $29,919

Judges comments:

"We're at the front of the house, and we have a floor plan that's quite unique from the other properties... I'm not too sure this is doing them any favours" - Marty.

"I think they've taken work from home too literal" - Shaynna.

"It's got all the things in here that a luxury market would like, but the question remains 'is it too corporate?'" - Darren.

"This is the right flavour, this is the right approach for this house in this market" - Darren.

A large lack desk in the centre with three chairs around it, white flowing curtains on the far wall.
Kristy and Brett's work from home space. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the study, with the desk in the centre, bookshelves either side on the back wall.
The choices in this room left the judges a little unsure given the house's floor plan. Credit: Channel Nine
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Week 2: Guest Bedroom

Points: 21

Spend: $17,647

Judges comments:

"This is New York loft, zero connection to what's downstairs... I feel like the layout isn't making he most of this feel" - Shaynna.

"Where's the couch, where's the TV" - Marty.

"It could have a convection oven in here, microwave oven... you can still fully live in here without having to go into the main house" - Darren.

Kristy and Brett pose with their arms in the air in the centre of the bedroom
The judges felt they could've added a lot more in the way of features to this room. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the bedroom with green cupboards on the left and the bed on the right.
Kristy and Brett's guest bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 1: Guest Bathroom

Points: 21

Spend: $17,541

Judges comments:

"It's a little day spa-ry" - Marty

"That shower screen takes away from that day spa feel... makes it look small" - Shaynna.

"We have had very strong feelings in the previous two bathrooms, we've walked in here I don't know how I feel" - Marty.

"I think they need to get really clear on what direction they're trying to achieve" - Darren.

A long shot of the cream coloured bathroom with the vanity and shower.
The judges were a bit unsure of how to feel about this room. Credit: Channel Nine
A close up shot of the vanity, with an open drawer and open cupboard above it.
Kristy and Brett's guest bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

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