The Block 2023 room reveals: Eliza and Liberty's master bedroom and walk-in robe

It was a very full on week for the girls but they delivered.

Eliza and Liberty described this week as ‘confronting’ and the orientation of their master bedroom threw them off. But the ladies’ floor plan proved to be a winner for the judges. They did note however, they were hoping the girls would experiment a bit more with their colour palette.

Points: 23

Spend: $23,952

Judge’s comments:

“That artwork, that’s hot” - Shaynna.

“They do need to think outside of the palette of entural, white, rust and blue because that’s literally in every single room we’ve seen thus far” - Darren.

“Buyers will look at this floor plan and I don’t think they’re going to be able to fault it… They may not win a room but it doesn’t mean that they cannot win The Block” - Marty.

A wide shot of the room with the bed on a blue rug, and a window to the right. A painting is on the far wall.
Eliza and Liberty's master bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine
A shot down the centre of the walk-in robe with shelving and cupboard doors on either side.
Eliza and Liberty's walk-in robe. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 5: Living and Dining

The week was ‘shattering’ for Liberty and Eliza, and ‘overwhelm’ seemed to be a common theme for them. With emotions running so high for the week and the girls were not expecting a whole lot of love from the judges, but to their surprise the rooms were a big hit for the three of them.

Points: 27

Spend: $37,706

Judge’s comments:

“A perfect, elegant, contemporary dining space” - Neale.

“This is a perfect, but timeless dining space” - Neale.”

“It is so connected to the lounge room… I’m actually blown away” - Shaynna.

“This space is probably one of the most sophisticated spaces they’ve done thus far” - Darren.

“This is the most generous floorplan we’ve seen today” - Darren.

A wide shot of a living room, with a fireplace in the middle, a large sofa and tv against the far wall.
Eliza and Liberty's living space. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the dining room,  a dining table in the centre on a rug and a colourful painting on the far wall.
Eliza and Liberty's dining room. Credit: Channel Nine

The Block's Eliza and Liberty were taking on the largest downstairs bathroom for the week and the only one with a bath. However, it was the moss wall that was the biggest talking point. While the judges felt the bathroom itself was near perfect, Marty went so far as to label the moss wall a 'sheer disaster.'

Week 4: Downstairs Bathroom

Points: 25

Spend: $37,409

Judges comments:

"What is that... I am not grabbing that whatsoever"- Shaynna.

"I just don't understand it, I can't get my head around it" - Marty.

"It's not just the moss, I'm actually feeling quite a lot of things wrong with the functionality of this space" - Shaynna.

"It's growing on me... acoustically it has benefits, it filters the air" - Darren.

Wide shot of the bathroom, the moss wall over the vanity, bath to the right.
Eliza and Liberty's moss walk wasn't a hit with Marty and Shaynna. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot with the window and bath below it.
Eliza and Liberty's downstairs bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

Week 3: Work From Home

Points: 22.5

Spend: $23,670

Judges comments:

"It is an improvement from what we saw last week" - Darren.

"I feel like they've listened to the feedback and walking in here it does have a really nice feel" - Marty.

"You have to think about the story you are trying to tell, not just with the room but with each area within the room" - Shaynna.

A shot of the bed to the left and the open wardrobes.
The judges were glad the girls were listening to their feedback this week. Credit: Channel Nine
A wide shot of the room with a desk to the left, a bed and a painting above it.
Eliza and Liberty's work from home space. Credit: Channel Nine


Week 2: Guest Bedroom

Points: 21.5

Spend: $19,357

Judges comments:

"Pool appropriate flooring, pool adjacent space, it's a living space but also you can sleep in, with office space so you can run a business or work from home..." - Darren.

"The finesse and the styling it seems very juvenile" - Marty on their wallpaper choice.

"Are they throwing the kitchen sink in here?" - Shaynna.

"I think the styling is so bad that had it had been empty I would have been happier" - Marty.

A wide shot of the room, a rug and couch, table in the centre and back wall.
The judges were not a fan of the wallpaper in here. Credit: Channel Nine
Eliza and Liberty pose with their arms out in front of the door and table.
Eliza and Liberty's guest bedroom. Credit: Channel Nine
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Week 1: Guest Bathroom

Points: 23

Spend: $26,022

Judges comments:

"Love that [the tiles], that wall tile just lets the floor tile sing and I think it's a really super good choice" - Darren.

"The feeling in here is divine and it's got to do with the beautiful colour palette, the very soft contemporary feel this is, which is think is gorgeous" - Shaynna.

A close up of the vanity and open cupboard above it.
The judges loved the feeling and colour palette of this room. Credit: Channel Nine
Another close up of the vanity and mirror.
Eliza and Liberty's guest bathroom. Credit: Channel Nine

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