The best sustainable Christmas gifts

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Do good this festive season with eco-friendly gifts.

The best Christmas presents should make everyone feel good; the person receiving them, and the person giving them. It’s even better if they do the planet some good too. Buying sustainable gifts helps reduce some of the environmental impact of Christmas, and this year, Aussie founded company Recycled Mats has hundreds of environmentally responsible gifts for everyone in your life.

Their mission is to stop products going to landfill by turning them into other useful items. Since they launched 11 years ago, they’ve prevented over 278,000 kgs of plastic from going to landfill – and made a lot of beautiful gifts in the process. All of their products are truly sustainable, and made from recycled plastic, recycled fabric, and recycled jute and cotton.

Here’s what to buy this year to put a smile on people’s faces on Christmas day:

Recycled Mats

Perfect for picnics, parks, patios, festivals, the beach and family spaces, these large recycled mats are an ideal Christmas present for anyone who spends any time outdoors. They’re made from recycled plastic, and have a tight weave so are really comfy to sit or stand on, as well as stopping your feet getting burnt from hot ground or sand. They’re UV treated, lightweight, waterproof and mould resistant – and grass sand and dust just slide off them, making them really easy to clean. They come in a whole range of sizes, colours and shapes, and are packed inside a recycled, easy to carry bag so they’re portable too. Every home needs one!

Recycled Mats Large Outdoor Rug
Recycled Mats Large Outdoor Rug

Beach mats and towels

Repel sand at the beach with these soft UPF 50+ sand-free beach mats and towels. Both are made from 80% recycled plastic bottles, which is transformed into polyester. At the beach, the material doesn’t allow sand to stick to it, so you don’t have to worry about getting itchy or uncomfortable. The mats have a secret pocket to hide your phone and keys in,

a slit in the middle for your beach umbrella, and they come in a drawstring carry bag. To really up the ante when it comes to gift giving, pair a beach mat with a matching sand-free towel. Like the mats, the microfibre technology repels sand easily. It dries in half the time as a traditional cotton towel too, so is easy to use over and over again. Buy them together for the perfect beach gift kit.

Recycled Mats Beach Mat
Recycled Mats Beach Mat

Yoga Accessories

If you have a yogi in your life, they’ll love our range of yoga gear. Their eco-friendly mats are free from heavy metals, phthalates, BPAs, silicone and toxic glues, and are combined with either natural cork, renewable hemp or an innovative micro-fibre topper that’s sourced from recycled plastic bottles. To complete the gift, pop it in a yoga mat bag made from Organic Cotton Duck Canvas and include a Yoga Mat Spray which has been handcrafted in batches in Australia.

Recycled Mats Yoga Bag
Recycled Mats Yoga Bag

Portable Picnic Tables

Picnic tables don’t have to be made from cheap plastic. Our portable picnic tables are made from either reclaimed wood or sustainable bamboo, and are all designed to fold up quickly and easily. They’re spill-resistant, have cut-outs for either drink bottles or glasses, and are lightweight to carry. They make a great, stylish present for foodies, and work brilliantly on top of a recycled mat, so you can simply wipe up any spills from underneath too.

Recycled Mats Portable Picnic Table
Recycled Mats Portable Picnic Table

Picnic packs

A perfect gift for anyone who loves to eat outside, these picnic packs have everything anyone might need to make eating outside enjoyable. The Happiness Picnic Pack contains a 1.8m2 recycled mat to sit on, a Deluxe Picnic Set which includes a sustainable bamboo serving board, china ramekins, cheese knives, slate tabs and a chalk pen, bamboo picnic stakes to keep your drinks safe from spills, and a Shooaway to keep flies at bay.

The Peace Picnic Pack includes a 3.6m round mat, a portable picnic table, Deluxe Picnic Set, a Shooaway, and a cushion cover to keep you extra comfortable. Summer sorted.

Sustainable gifts for kids

Beanbags and cushions

Who doesn’t love to hang out on a beanbag? These giant 1m x 1m cushion covers come unfilled, ready to be sustainably filled by you; pack with with BioFoam, used clothing, soft toys, or even scrunched up newspaper for a soft, squidgy filling that’s great for the environment. They can be used by the side of the pool, while you’re camping, for outdoor events, and even as toddler mattresses. If you’re looking for a smaller cushion, 10 per cent of profits from these cute koala printed cushions go to

the Bangalow Koalas, a charity that’s creating a Koala wildlife corridor on the East Coast of Australia, so koalas can move around safely. They’re machine-washable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use if they’re undercover.

Sustainable stocking filler gifts


Roll up this cute pineapple throw and pop it in someone’s stocking to make their Christmas morning. It’s hand block printed in India on cotton using sustainable methods, creating jobs for local workers.

Recycled Mats Throw
Recycled Mats Throw


Make the house smell great on Christmas morning with a delicious smelling soap in someone’s stocking. This Australian-made lemon myrtle bar is made in the Northern Rivers using a traditional cold-processed method, which is better for the environment and healthier for the skin. It’s palm oil-free and vegan.


This cute travel candle contains earth-friendly Citronella to repel mozzies. All our candles are made in Australia, and are poured in small batches using pure non-toxic eco soy wax, with only the best quality fragrance and essential oils.

Beer and wine coolers

Help someone keep their drinks cold with a fun stubby holder or wine cooler bag. Our stubby holders are made in Australia from neoprene, and are printed using non-toxic, eco printing methods. Ten per cent of profits from this Koala range go to the Bangalow Koalas, a charity that’s aiming to create a Koala wildlife corridor between Byron Bay and Grafton, allowing koalas to move safely across the local landscape. Our wine coolers are made from extra durable polyester, and have a thermal insulated aluminium lining to maintain the ideal temperature of your drinks.

Recycled Mats Luxury Cooler Bag
Recycled Mats Luxury Cooler Bag

Yoga blocks

Perfect for popping in the top of a stocking, these yoga blocks are made from recycled thongs. The charity Ocean Sole collects discarded thongs from beaches, waterways and landfill in Kenya, then recycles them in to these cool looking blocks. They’re hand-carved by Kenyan artists and are all unique.

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