The Bachelor's Jed reveals controversial reason he was denied entry to popular bar

EXCLUSIVE: Jed McIntosh has called out the unfair ‘discrimination’ he faces across the country.

The Bachelor’s Jed McIntosh has revealed he is regularly denied entry to bars, restaurants and venues across Australia because of his extensive tattoo collection.

After being turned away from influencer hot spot Burleigh Pavilion on the Gold Coast on Friday, the 26-year-old musician spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about the unfair “discrimination”.

The Bachelor’s Jed McIntosh.
The Bachelor’s Jed McIntosh was turned away from a venue on Friday because of his ‘offensive tattoos’. Photo: Channel 10

“I think tattoo discrimination still existing in 2023 is pretty stupid,” he says.

“You wouldn’t turn someone away because of their race, skin colour or sexuality – so why if someone wants to express themselves with some art on their body? Self-expression is a big part of our generation these days.

“The comment [from security] was no offensive tattoos, and I’m pretty sure it was because of my neck and hand tattoos. I understand the laws are different in Queensland but I’d say given it’s 2023, most of us have tattoos - regardless if it’s on your neck or your back - and I don’t think it should really depict if you’re allowed to eat somewhere at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.”


Jed’s neck features one tattoo of a vine, which typically symbolises growth, strength, resilience and connection to nature.

On his left hand, he has a large inking of a swallow bird which symbolises travel and freedom, while there is a lion on his right hand as a symbol of bravery and strength.

The Bachelor’s Jed McIntosh / Jed's left hand with a large swallow tattoo.
Jed has a number of tattoos on his body, including his neck and hands. Photos: Instagram/jed.mcintosh


Jed went on to say that he was especially confused about being refused entry because he was “wearing a nice outfit” with his hair slicked back.

“I wasn’t walking in with thongs and a swastika tattoo,” he adds. “At the same time, I respect the venues but I think it’s a pretty old way of thinking. It's fine, I just said, ‘Yep that’s okay’, but I was just surprised.”

Burleigh Pavilion has previously come under fire for refusing entry to tattooed guests.

The policy on their website states: “Guests with tattoos are welcome at our venue, however, our policy does not permit intimidating, aggressive, or offensive tattoos, clothing or behaviour which may offend or intimidate other guests or staff. Tattoos on the neck, head and face are viewed as increased intimidation in that order.”


Jed starred on the tenth season of The Bachelor Australia alongside Felix Von Hofe and Thomas Malucelli and enjoyed a brief relationship with his winner Alésia Delaney before confirming their split in February.

Channel 10 recently announced that the reality show had commenced filming for an eleventh season, with Brazilian-born theology student Wesley Senna Cortes, model Ben Waddell, and former NRL player Luke Bateman taking on the leading roles.

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