Distraught Angie sends 'wrong' bachelor home

Gillian Wolski
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Angie gets emotional after sending the 'wrong' bachelor home. Photo: Channel 10.

Bachelorette Angie Kent concluded the penultimate episode of her season in tears on Wednesday night, after revealing that she’d sent the ‘wrong’ man home.

Forced to whittle her top three bachelors - Carlin Sterritt, Timm Hanley and Ryan Anderson - down to just two, the blonde beauty appeared to struggle with her choice.

The former Gogglebox star entered the rose ceremony visibly upset and, after giving her first rose to fitness trainer Carlin, broke down as she faced remaining men Timm, a fireproofer, and island caretaker Ryan.

A distraught Angie hugs Ryan at the rose ceremony. Photo: Channel 10.

The 29-year-old was so overcome with emotion that she stepped out for a moment in an attempt to compose herself before making the heartbreaking decision to send ‘dog whisperer’ Ryan home.

At this point, Angie was in floods of tears and barely able to speak to Ryan outside the ceremony room, managing only to utter ‘I’m sorry!’

“I can see how hard it is and I don't want to make this any harder on you, so just know that I still think the world of you. I think the absolute world of you,” Ryan told her.

Ryan (far right) and with his fellow Top 3 bachelors Carlin Sterritt and Timm Hanly. Photo: Channel 10.

Earlier in the season, Ryan dropped a bombshell, revealing that he had actually applied for Ali Oetjen's season in 2018.

As his limo pulled away, Angie broke down in earnest, retreating to the mansion to sob while concerned producers hovered nearby.

“Oh, that was the worst,” she exclaimed, holding her head in her hands.  

“That was not the right decision. That felt awful,” she added. “I shouldn't have done that. Oh, that was s**t!”

Earlier in the episode, Ryan had bared his heart to Angie, telling her he was falling in love with her. Angie, however, revealed that she was torn between ‘stable and calm’ Ryan and cool surfer dud Timm.

“If Timm is a gamble, then Ryan is a sure thing. And I need to work out if that's what I want,” she admitted.

It appears that Timm is what Angie wants, as he and Carlin head into Thursday night’s finale.

Angie is taking Timm to the finale. Photo: Channel 10.
Carlin and Angie connected immediately on The Bachelorette. Photo: Channel 10.

While Carlin remains the bookies’ favourite to win Angie’s heart, the actor/model - and part-time retail worker - was reportedly spotted in Fiji over the weekend, prompting rumours that he leaves the show in second place.

The Pacific island also happens to be where Bachie spin-off series Bachelor In Paradise is filmed, which may alternatively suggest that Carlin is one of the season three cast members looking for a second chance at love.

However, if the man who was seen was Carlin, he may simply be laying low abroad as he waits for The Bachelorette finale to air – regardless of the result.

The Bachelorette finale airs 7.30 tonight on 10.

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