Heather Maltman opens up about miscarriage

Former Bachelor star Heather Maltman has revealed she suffered a miscarriage after a pharmacist refused to give her the morning after pill.

In an interview with Studio 10, Heather said: “I was actually seeing a guy for a while and unfortunately we had a situation where I needed it and because I couldn't go the next day, because I had work on and stuff, I asked him to go and get it for me,” she says.

“It just made me feel like the worst person in the world. It made me feel like a whore.

“He actually couldn’t pick it up, they said no to him, and because of it I took it too late and I actually ended up having a miscarriage."

Heather Maltman. Source: Studio 10
Heather Maltman. Source: Studio 10

“It makes me very emotional," Heather added.

"A girl can go up and get it for another girl and pretend it’s for her, but a guy can’t go up and get it, it’s not for him to take. It was such a bad judgment call. One of those things you think it’s never going to happen to me....

“Having to go to the chemist the next day and have explain the situation. It was a horrible experience.”

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Sam Wood and Heather Maltman on The Bachelor. Source: Channel 10
Sam Wood and Heather Maltman on The Bachelor. Source: Channel 10

Heather – who appeared on The Bachelor last year with Sam Wood – called the experience as “one of the most crazy moments of my life.”

Heather recently split from former Home and Away actor Andrew Steel, but did not specify who the man she was talking about was.

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