Richie responds to online backlash over choosing Alex

Since choosing Alex as his winner on The Bachelor on Thursday night, Richie Strahan has received a lot of backlash for his decision.

Many people took to social media condemning Richie's choice.

There were reports even his mum was a bit concerned about Richie choosing single-mum Alex over Nikki Gogan.

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On Friday night Richie spoke for the first time on The Project about the online backlash he had received after choosing Alex Nation as the winner of his heart.

The Bachelor wasn't sure why he had received so much negativity online this week.

Richie spoke on 'The Project'. Source: Channel Ten
Richie spoke on 'The Project'. Source: Channel Ten

"I have gone down this pathway twice now in to the hope of falling in love and meeting a remarkable woman," he said on the show, "now I've done that and I've met Alex and followed my heart and people are a little bit upset."

He continued to tell the TV hosts that a lot of people had said things like, "you've made the wrong decision."

However the rope technician said he only had one decision to make, and that was Alex. He looked very loved-up and smitten in his interview while sitting next to his girlfriend.

He looked smitten. Source: Channel Ten
He looked smitten. Source: Channel Ten

Alex also responded to the many negative comments the couple have received since Thursday night. She admitted she went on the show not knowing what to expect.

"At the end of the day this was Richie's journey and he had to follow his heart," she said on The Project.

Richie and Alex loved-up. Source: Instagram
Richie and Alex loved-up. Source: Instagram

Richie had told Nikki Gogan that his heart was with single-mum Alex during Thursday's finale of The Bachelor. While Nikki was clearly devastated she admitted that she had no hard feelings toward him.

"He's been awesome. Richie's made the right decision for him and for his heart, so that's what this journey was all about for him," she said during her ride away from the show's finale.

"I don't have his heart - that's all. I wouldn't change anything. I don't regret anything. And what he has with Alex must be really, really special and I know that they'll be incredibly happy together."

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