The Bachelor: Richie receives backlash over his decision...Even his mum's annoyed!

Richie Strahan shocked the nation when he crowned Alex Nation the winner of The Bachelor 2016…and Twitter went into overdrive.

It got especially awkward when Richie had to confront his Bachelorette co-star Sam Frost, who clearly disagreed with his final decision.

To make things worse, Sam did not hold back her disdain over him choosing Alex...while she was in the room for their post-finale interview!

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Sam didn't hold back when speaking to Richie and Alex. Source: 2DAY FM
Sam didn't hold back when speaking to Richie and Alex. Source: 2DAY FM

“OH MY GOD RICHIE, WHAT HAPPENED?” she shouts at him in the clip above from 2DAY FM’s Rove and Sam Show.

She continues: “Alex, this isn’t about you. You’re sweet, you’re delightful but I was so invested in Nikki.

“Oh man, it KILLS me. IT KILLS ME, RICHIE!”

And this was after she’d already taken to Twitter to express how disappointed she was.

Along with Guy Sebastian.

And pretty much the rest of Australia…

But they weren’t alone.

During the season final of The Bachelor, Richie’s mum couldn’t hide the look of disappointment when her son revealed that Alex is a single mum.

“I can honestly say, as a mum, I never, ever contemplated Richie having any interest in somebody who had a child. It just didn't enter my head,” she revealed to Alex.

Alex responded: "So, you're kind of a bit taken back?"

Richie's mum later spoke to camera about her reservations.

“I think Alex should have chatted with Richard a little bit more in depth,” she said. “I know they haven't had the opportunity to talk a lot. But I would have thought a child in the equation is a massive conversation piece.”

On the other hand, after chatting with Nikki, she seemed super keen. Awks.

“I could see Nikki fitting into our family really well,” she said.

But nobody was as shocked as Nikki Grogan.

The 32-year-old was left visibly shaken after receiving the devastating news, admitting in her limo ride back to her Bali hotel that she was still in love with Richie as she sobbed in the backseat.

"I still love Rich," she said while choking through tears. "This one will take a while to get over. I will be going home to my amazing family and they will look after me."

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Nikki was visibly upset. Source: Channel 10
Nikki was visibly upset. Source: Channel 10

"I don't have any hard feelings towards Richie. He's been awesome. Richie's made the right decision for him and for his heart, so that's what this journey was all about for him.

"I don't have his heart - that's all. I wouldn't change anything. I don't regret anything. And what he has with Alex must be really, really special and I know that they'll be incredibly happy together.

During the emotional finale, Richie told Nikki that his heart was with single-mum Alex Nation.

"You are like no woman I've ever met before," Richie told Nikki during his rejection speech. "Coming down this adventure, my family gave me some advice, and that advice was to follow my heart. I really hope you understand but my heart is Alex."

Richie had to break Nikki's heart. Source: Network Ten
Richie had to break Nikki's heart. Source: Network Ten

The blonde WA-based beauty took his rejection with dignity.

"I've had a great time. I've had a lot of fun,” she told him.

“Thank you for everything. I love you a lot and I love you enough to... I wish you all the very best. I thought what we had was special but what you have with Alex must top all of that.”

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