The Bachelor final 3: 'We're all in love with Blake'

Bachelor Blake has quite the dilemma on his hands - which one of these gorgeous ladies will he give the final rose to?

It started with 30 single girls looking to steal the heart of the handsome Bachelor, Blake Garvey, and now there are just three left – luscious Louise, 26, mysterious Lisa, 27 and straight-shooter Sam, 25.

"You get down to the last few girls and you are really attached," Blake admits during New Idea’s exclusive bikini shoot at the palatial Bachelor mansion.

"I’ve met families, parents, brothers and sisters. They’re all beautiful, but you have to ask yourself – who do I think of when I think of love? What’s that face that really pops into my mind?"

After a whirlwind week of home visits that saw the shock exit of frontrunner Jess, it’s anyone’s game.

Blake, 31, is struggling with the big decision so, while he deliberates, New Idea got the goss from the girls hoping to be The One.

If given the opportunity to spend a night with Blake, would you opt for separate beds or the key to the fantasy suite?

Sam: I have a funny feeling that Blake wouldn’t offer it, because he’s such a gentleman. But if he does I would like to think I’d have the willpower to say no, but I don’t think I would!
Louise: I would take the single bed. There are still people in the running, and I don’t think that would be right for me personally.
Lisa: Although I’d love to spend more time with him, we do need to respect each other through this process. But I’d be upset if any of the other girls said yes.

Are you in love with Blake?

Louise: My feelings are quite deep and there is the possibility of love for sure.
Sam: Yeah I definitely think I am. I had to stress that with my family during hometown visits. How real and how genuine it is to fall in love. Because trust me, I was so sceptical of it before coming into this situation.
Lisa: I have fallen in love with him, but whether I’ve told him or not is another story. I can definitely see a future with him.

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