Bachelor Matt Agnew isn’t allowed to see the winner until the finale airs

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A photo of The Bachelor Australia Matt Agnew wearing a tuxedo.
Bachelor Matt Agnew reveals he isn’t allowed to see the winner until the season finale airs. Photo: Channel 10.

Just like us, this year’s Bachelor, Matt Agnew, is looking forward to tuning in to the new season of the popular reality TV series on July 31.

But, as the handsome astrophysicist reveals in a chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, there’s only one person he wants to cuddle up with to watch the premiere, and that’s the woman he fell in love with on the show.

The thing is, he’s not allowed.

“We can’t watch it together, we’re on very, very tight leashes,” Matt reveals.

A photo of The Bachelor Australia Matt Agnew wearing a white t-shirt and holding a red rose while sitting on a couch.
Matt and his new love are keeping mum for now. Photo: Channel 10.

“We obviously can’t see each other so unfortunately, I can’t watch it with her,” he adds.

The Bachelor’s budding relationship is so top secret that he wasn’t even able celebrate his recent birthday - he turned 32 on July 29 - with his new love.

“I got to give them a call and have a bit of a chat, it’s such a hectic schedule that we had to do it by phone,” he explains.

Why? Because - busy schedules aside - the lucky lady’s identity is a closely guarded secret, at least until the show’s finale. No one likes a spoiler, right?

A photo of bachelorettes Abbie, Kristen and Vakoo from The Bachelor Australia season seven.
Abbie (far left), Kristen (centre) and Vakoo are just three of the 28 bachelorettes vying for Matt's attention. Photo: Channel 10.

Separate viewing

Just because Matt and his new sweetheart can’t be together - yet - doesn’t mean that they’re not going to watch their romance play out on screen.

“It’s certainly something that we’ve chatted about and it’s something that’s quite a sensitive topic really, considering the nature of the show,” says Matt.

He goes on to hint at the drama about to unfold over the series, and the potential impact it could have on his new relationship.

“It’s just something that needs to be handled in an empathetic manner and I think that’s achieved by just maintaining a very open and honest dialogue and working through and addressing things if there are things that cause concern for one another,” he explains.

“An open and honest dialogue is critical to the success of the relationship and [...] that’s going to be the case in this scenario, even more so than usual,” he adds.

A photo of The Bachelor Australia Matt Agnew wearing a tuxedo and holding a red rose.
Matt can't wait to reveal the winner of The Bachelor Australia - when the times comes. Photo: Channel 10.

Going public

The clandestine couple can finally go public with their love when The Bachelor Australia wraps up later this year.

“So basically it’s under tight lock and key until the finale really,” Matt tells us.

While he says the two are “absolutely” looking forward to eventually sharing their secret, Matt’s open about the potential difficulties ahead.

“It’s a really challenging situation,” he says, before explaining how the couple’s “unique relationship dynamic” has changed throughout their Bachelor journey.

“It’s obviously a very unique relationship dynamic [during] the filming process, then it transfers into this new, different relationship dynamic between filming having wrapped and the finale,” he says.

“Then after that again it’s going to be another shift [...] when we actually can see one another and approach it in a more natural, normal way I guess.”

The Bachelor Australia premieres tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 10.

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