The Amazing Race's Jess reveals her 'hardest' challenge

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'The Besties' Jess and Sefa may not have made it to the end of The Amazing Race Australia, after becoming the seventh team to be eliminated on Sunday, but for Jess, who has previously opened up about struggling with insecurities before going on the show, the race gave her an even bigger win than she first thought.

The Besties Jess and Sefa on amazing race
The Besties Jess and Sefa were eliminated after the 7th leg of the race. Photo: Channel 10

"I kept doubting myself but the race really helped push me out of that comfort zone," Jess tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

"That was the biggest thing I took out from my experience.

"How much it really taught me to just love what I've got, love my body, and the way that I am and just really appreciate the ability that I have, the strength."


The New Zealand-born reality television contestant moved to Australia from Western Samoa when she was 14 and says being on the show really helped her come out of her shell.

And there was one challenge she says was 'mentally and physically' the hardest, but played a huge part in her journey.

"For me the synchronised swimming was a hard challenge and it had to do with me and my own insecurity," she tells us.

"I wasn't comfortable in my skin having to wear a swimsuit and being exposed in that way. And then I couldn't swim. So it was a combination of the two. But I did it."

Of course having her friend and teammate Sefa by her side also helped. He told Yahoo Lifestyle he was so proud to be a part of Jess' journey.

"It's one thing to have a person go through a journey of self discovery but it's a privilege when get to be there to witness it," he says.

"Just having front row seats to seeing Jess realise all the things that other people see in her was an 'amazing race' to me."

the amazing race contestants The Besties Jess and Sefa
Sefa was proud of Jess' journey. Photo: Channel 10

Jess says it definitely took her a while to warm up to having cameras follow her everywhere - even to the loo! - and at first she wasn't sure how viewers would react to her personality.

But being able to just be herself was definitely her favourite part of the whole experience.

"Just the way that i got to do everything - I don't know if it was good for the public, but for me, the fact I got to be myself while performing the challenges that came my way and just being really real about it," she says.

The Amazing Race Australia continues on Channel 10 Mon, Tue and Sun at 7:30pm.

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