The $59 Kmart bladeless fan shoppers are snapping up: 'I love mine!'

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When the original Dyson bladeless fan came out in 2009 it promised to be quieter, more efficient and easier to clean than conventional fans.

It certainly looked cool and was quickly the household item to have, but it also came with a hefty price tag.

Kmart logo.
Kmart shoppers are loving their $59 bladeless fan. Photo: Getty

Like many great inventions, attempts were soon made to mass-produce similar products to provide a greater choice and price point to consumers.

So it's no surprise many retailers now have their own version of the bladeless fan, including discount retailer Kmart.

Each summer, Kmart followers ask for feedback on just how good they are, given they start at $59 for the desktop one and $89 for the floor-standing model.

And shoppers simply can't stop raving about them!

Kmart desktop bladeless fan, $59 and Kmart floor standing bladeless fan, $89. Tall white fans with a black-lined oval cut-out.
Kmart devotees are once again snapping up bladeless fans from just $59. Photo: Kmart

Fans vote in favour

"Bladeless one, it's fricken amazing," one mum commented in a popular Kmart Mums Facebook group, followed by another who added, "We sleep with it on in our room every night and it works really well. No complaints."

There were plenty of fans of the fan (see what I did there!) across Facebook groups who recommended them to other buyers.

"I have the Kmart one and love it, great how it has a built-in light," one buyer wrote in the Kmart Hacks and Decor group.

"I got it because my pedestal fan was too loud and the low speed was really high; got one of these and have it on constantly and not loud."


"Got the bladeless one and I’m a light sleeper and I don’t find it noisy at all. I love mine!" another added.

"We have these in the kids' rooms. I think they're quite good," someone else said. "Probably slightly noisier... But far better than the horrendous rattle the blade fan towers made."

Others, however, felt they weren't as powerful as the traditional pedestal style fans and were just as loud.

"We have one in our baby's room (we’re worried about little fingers in the fan)," one parent said. "It’s ok, it’s not any quieter/louder than a conventional fan. Due to the design, it is less powerful than a typical fan. But it does the job."

"There is a bit of a noise, but nothing to worry about, I am actually surprised how good it is," another wrote.

For under $100 it's certainly worth a try!

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