The 5 most-recommended comfy shoes for long shifts

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Back view of the Team of Doctors, Nurses and Assistants Walking through the Hallway of the Hospital. Professional Medical Personnel Working, Saving Lives.
Medical staff are among those who spend up to 12 hours or more working on their feet. Photo: Getty

When it comes to long shifts on your feet, you need to invest in the right footwear.

The wrong kind can not only cause sore and swollen feet, but can cause severe back pain and even inflict permanent damager to your body over long periods of time.

While there are lots of shoes designed for long wear on the market, do they really work?

And are they worth the money?


One nurse asks those very questions in an Australian Facebook group:

"Nurses or anyone else who are on their feet 12+ hours a day - any recommendations on really comfy, cushioned black shoes/runners?" she posted in the group.

She was flooded with answers from teachers, flight attendants, hairdressers, aged-care workers, busy mums and other medical staff who understood her exact problem.

Here, we list their top-five recommendations:


The most recommended comfortable long-wear work shoe is Skechers, the third-largest athletic footwear brand in the United States.

In a range of designs and colours for casual and work environments, for men, women and even children, the shoes are hailed as the most comfortable and cost-effective.

"Skechers are amazing! I'm a teacher and wear them every day," a person wrote.

"I work at the airport and am on my feet all day and Skechers have been a lifesaver," a second added.

"Skechers all the way. Used for years," a third revealed, confirming the hype.

Price: work range from $129

Black Skecher lace up sneakers on a white background.
Skechers were the most recommended shoe for long shifts. Photo: Skechers

FRANKiE4 footwear

Stepping up the style game is FRANKiE4 footwear, with their range of sleek work shoes that are also comfortable and practical for long hours on your feet.

The brand has 23,000 five-star reviews with a wide range of sneakers, slides and lifestyle shoes that all feature a podiatrist-designed foot bed.

While they're a bit higher on price point, users say what you put in, you get back.

"Definitely FrankiE4. I have five pairs in different styles and love them. I dont get sore feet or legs anymore," one revealed.

"FrankiE4s are the best! Expensive, but feel like your walking on clouds!"

While FRANKiE4 start closer to $200 a pair, nurses and teachers are offered a reduced price to support the essential industry.

Price: from $189

Black leather lace up trainers with white base against a white background.
FRANKiE4 offer a chic range of designs for their supportive yet practical workwear shoes. Photo: FRANKiE4


They may not be the flashiest on the market, but they've continued as an established, practical brand for a reason.

Sport brand, ASICS, is one of the highest-recommended shoes for long shifts due to their supportive foot bed and affordable price point.

"I’m a nurse and do 12hr shifts … have tried a lot of different shoes including Skechers and Frankie 4," a dedicated customer wrote.

"I have personally found ASICS to be the best, they have also lasted the longest."

A second said: "Don’t even bother with [other shoe brands]. Black leather ASICS were the best and the runner style."

Price: from $79.99

Black ASICS trainers on a white background.
ASICS Gel running shoes are an affordable option for long-wear work shoes. Photo: Rebel Sport


The French label designed their shoes for running with maximum support and quality recycled materials - which explains the higher price point.

The shoes are made with an innovative lightweight design and feature a signature stabilising J-Frame™ which holds and supports the foot in movement.

Long-shift workers are quick to praise, saying they're the comfiest shoes they've ever owned.

"I swear by Hokas. They're like clouds, no more sore back here," one revealed.

"I second Hokas. They are so great, especially for wider feet," a second detailed.

"Hoka shoes are amazing," a third added.

"They're expensive but omg, feels like I’m walking on clouds.

"Won’t buy any other shoe brand now."

Price: from $249

A black fabric trainer with white and pale brown foam base against a white background.
The French sports shoe label features a bespoke stabilising J-Frame to support the foot which users rave about. Photo: Athlete's Foot


Originally designed as a running shoe, Brooks are a popular recommendation when it comes to comfortable and practical shoes for long shifts on your feet.

The American sports label offers a wide range of designs, colours and materials for men and women, with most in darker shades for the practical working environment.

The Brooks website even offers a quiz to find the correct shoe shape and design for maximum support and comfort.

"I recently brought a pair of Brooks," a user wrote.

"I wore them to work and not even the slightest ache in my feet.

"I can’t recommend them highly enough. So, so comfortable."

"My podiatrist told me to only buy Brooks," a second added.

Price: $229

Black trainers with a rose gold strike on the side against a white background.
The shoes from the American sports brand get great reveiws. Photo: The Iconic

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