TGI Fridays Is Revamping Its Menu With Truffle Tot-Chos And More

TGI Fridays Tot-chos
TGI Fridays Tot-chos - TGI Fridays

Among American restaurant chains, TGI Fridays is known for its atmosphere and menu, meant to exude the bliss of looking forward to the weekend. The restaurant's fans are no stranger to new and experimental food offerings -- recently, additions to TGI Fridays' menu were classified "Big AF," offering customers an extra large burger stacked high with wacky accompaniments like wings and egg rolls atop burger buns. According to an October 24 announcement, the bar and grill chain is transforming its appetizer menu to provide a wider variety of "bold and exciting flavors." Among these offerings are the Truffle Tot-chos, fried potato nuggets served with truffle aioli and parmesan.

The restaurant's reimagined menu is attempting to appeal to all budgets, with the lowest priced of Fridays' 18 different appetizer options only costing $3. Besides the four newly launched appetizer options, TGI Fridays classics like loaded potato skins and mozzarella sticks will remain on the menu. The casual dining brand also revealed that many current starters will get a "fresh twist" for hungry patrons to try alongside the newest dishes.

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The Newest Offerings Range From Sweet And Savory To Ultra Cheesy

Shrimp cocktail and meatballs
Shrimp cocktail and meatballs - TGI Fridays

According to the press release, TGI Fridays' reimagined appetizer line-up aims to have something for everyone. The Margarita Shrimp Cocktail with diced avocado, pico de gallo, and fresh mango seems meant for those seeking seafood with a kick. The appetizer sounds similar to a ceviche and is even served with tortilla chips. Or you can dunk your tortilla chips into spicy Loaded Poblano Queso with guacamole. Meanwhile, Steakhouse Meatballs bathed in chimichurri sauce could be of interest to meat lovers.

The restaurant chain also announced three new entree items: There's a Thai Mango Salad made with cabbage and topped with a sweet and spicy mango dressing, a Harvest Grains Salad featuring kale, quinoa, and sweet potato, and a Chicken Al Pastor Bowl made with rice, grilled chicken, and a ton of taco fixings. All of the new offerings and revamped menu items are officially available for TGI Fridays patrons to enjoy as of October 24, 2023.

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