Tessa James: My family dream

The harrowing photo of actress Tessa James dressed in a Wonder Woman costume, smiling weakly through the gruelling chemotherapy to treat Hodgkin’s lymphoma, broke hearts across Australia.

'To sit in that chair and to know that in like a couple of hours I was not going to feel good, that was hard.

Tessa posted this family snap celebrating the end of her chemotherapy treatment in February this year. Photo: Instagram

'You can’t describe the feeling because it’s beyond feeling sick or nauseous,’ she told Channel Seven's Sunday Night in an emotional interview.

WATCH: Tessa James breaks down over cancer battle

We held our breath for the good news, which finally came when a smiling, healthy-looking Tessa announced: 'I'm totally fine. I just have to... have regular blood tests and keep an eye on it, look after myself.’

Ever since their fairytale garden wedding in 2011, featured exclusively in New Idea, fans have wondered when they might hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

Tessa James (R) and husband Nate Myles. Photo: Instagram
Tessa James (R) and husband Nate Myles. Photo: Instagram

Tessa (R) and husband Nate Myles in April this year, after finishing chemo. Photo: Instagram

In fact, the couple has made no secret of wanting to start a family.

'Tessa has always wanted to have kids... she doesn’t want to leave things too late. She is worried about the size of my melon but we are both ready for the next period of our relationship,' Nate recently told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

And in the wake of Tessa’s recovery, they seem to be taking steps towards making their dream a reality by relocating.

'Moving to Sydney allows Tessa and I to both develop our careers and for us to spend more time together, and I have to be honest, to start a family,’ Nate told the newspaper.

After everything the devoted couple have been through, a new addition to the family would be the final piece of the fairytale ending they so badly deserve, but it may not be so easy.

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