Tesco Clubcard points changes: less than a week to cash in before value slashed

Customers can check on the Tesco Clubcard website or app if they have misplaced their paper vouchers (Tesco)
Customers can check on the Tesco Clubcard website or app if they have misplaced their paper vouchers (Tesco)

Your Tesco Clubcard vouchers will be worth less later this month, after new changes mean that customers’ vouchers will be worth double their value when they redeem them, rather than triple their current value.

The largest supermarket in the UK first announced the changes in March and has advised its 20 million Clubcard customers to redeem their rewards within the next week before the value is reduced.

First introduced in 1995, the Clubcard has become a well-liked scheme over the years. Customers can accumulate points for money spent at Tesco and redeem them for gift cards that may be used in-store or for outings to places like Pizza Express, Legoland, and Alton Towers.

Previous vouchers that haven’t expired are still worth three times the value. If customers still have their vouchers in paper form and are unsure of when they expire, they can check the date on the voucher themselves.

Customers can check on the Tesco Clubcard website or app if they have misplaced their paper vouchers or are unsure of what they have left to redeem.

Here’s what you need to know about the Tesco Clubcard scheme changes.

What are the benefits of the Tesco Clubcard reward voucher scheme?

Under the Clubcard scheme, shoppers have been able to collect points for money spent with Tesco, and the points can be used for in-store discounts.

If a Tesco shopper collected 500 Clubcard points, this would typically be worth £5 to spend in the shop.

Points can also be exchanged for vouchers for things such as restaurant meals or family days out.

More than 100 retailers, attractions and other hospitality industry services are part of the loyalty scheme, including Legoland, Hotels.com, Cineworld and Pizza Express. They are known as “reward partners”.

If points are spent with reward partners, they’re worth three times as much as points for those spent in-store. So the 500 Clubcard points would be worth £15.

What do the changes mean?

From June 14, 2023, when you exchange your Tesco Clubcard vouchers for a Tesco Clubcard Reward Partner code, they’ll be worth twice their value, instead of three times.

Customers will still get up to three times the value until June 13, 2023.

How long are Clubcard points valid?

Clubcard points are valid for two years, but usually expire after six months when they are swapped for rewards.

However, Tesco is extending the validity of rewards for an additional six months in the run-up to June 14.

“To give you extra time to decide when to use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers with Partners, we’re extending the validity period on Tesco Clubcard Reward Partner codes ordered until 13 June, so that they’re valid for 12 months, rather than the usual six months,” Tesco said.

The expiry date on existing Tesco Clubcard Reward Partner codes can be found in your order email or in the “my rewards” section in the Tesco Grocery and Clubcard app.

Why has Tesco announced the changes?

The supermarket claims the changes have been introduced to enable it to continue providing “a wide range of rewards” that meet the needs of all its Tesco Clubcard members, “while keeping prices low for everyone”.

You can read more about the changes here.