It's Time To Reveal The Juiciest Secret You've Been Keeping From Your Sibling

As a younger sister myself, I know how wild it can be when your sibling says something about themself that you've never heard before. Thankfully, my sister and I aren't really purposeful secret keepers, but I'm willing to bet there are some siblings out there who are definitely hiding some juicy secrets from each other.

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So I wanted to ask all of the BuzzFeed sibs out there, what's the wildest secret you have kept or are currently keeping from your sibling?

Maybe you're the older sibling, and over the course of preparing for your sister's wedding, you and your future brother-in-law started to become really close, and somewhere in between the wedding festivities, you and your sister's soon-to-be husband end up sparking something completely not okay, and to this day, neither you nor he has ever said a word about it.

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Or maybe it could be something as wild as your parents spending years trying to conceive after you and your older brother were born, only to find out it wouldn't be possible. So they decided to adopt and forced you and your older brother to never tell your youngest sibling the truth.

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Maybe it's something as simple as, back in Y2K, you told your sibling you had no idea where their new NSYNC album went after it appeared to have gone missing the day after they bought it. More than two decades later, and you still find yourself throwing the CD into an old player and laughing about how your sibling never found out you were the one who took it.

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No matter what your story is, I would love to hear it. Feel free to tell me your secrets in the comments or, if you want to remain anonymous, please fill out this form. The juiciest responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!