Frequent Travelers, Tell Us About Your Biggest Travel "Oops"

No matter how much prep and planning you do, every trip is bound to go a little bit awry. However, you can learn from the experience and do things differently next time.

stressed woman at the baggage claim in the airport
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For example, when my original flight to the UK got canceled this summer, I rebooked it for an earlier flight — only to realize on the way to the airport that I'd accidentally chosen a flight for the next day! A phone call to the airline's customer service fixed it, but when my flight back home was inevitably canceled a few hours before departure, I was sure to check the times and the dates to make sure I wouldn't accidentally leave myself stranded for a night.

person at the airport saying, why am i here
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Sure, I ended up doing a multi-leg grand tour of East Coast airports, but at least I had enough time to make it through customs before my connecting flight!

Another travel mistake I've made multiple times is visiting cute bookstores and buying wayyy too many books. After barely avoiding an overweight baggage fee on my last trip, I'm planning to just take pictures of the books I want and order them from my favorite local bookstore in the future.

person putting luggage overhead in a plane
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Or maybe I'll just limit myself to a few paperbacks...

So what's the biggest travel mistake you've ever made? What do you wish you'd done instead? Share your stories in the comments, and they may be included in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!