The tell-tale signs your partner may be cheating

Eliza Velk
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A study in the UK revealed that one in five adults have had an affair, including 25 percent of married men and 18 percent of married women.

Given these statistics, private investigators have revealed to the tell-tale signs on how to tell if someone is cheating. 

So if you’re worried about your partner being unfaithful behind your back this is what you should look out for:

Protective of their phone

If your partner suddenly becomes very protective over their phone this is a sign that they have something to hide whether that be messages, emails or their social media.

Take note of how close they keep their phone to them; are they taking it to the bathroom? Is it kept on silent or face down? Do they take calls in another room? These are signs you should be wary of.

If your partner is protective over their phone, chances are they have something to hide. Source: Getty

Decline in communication

These might just be little conversation cues such as no longer telling you how their day went, refusing to talk about work which may indicate a work affair, or avoiding topics regarding your future together.

New clothes and underwear

If your partner has purchased new clothes, particularly underwear that seems out of the blue for them perhaps they may be trying to impress someone else. Notice whether they are wearing it for you or hiding it away for potentially another person.

If you notice a change in their personality or how much the two of you communicate they may be seeing someone on the side. Source: Getty

Change in personality

The noticeable changes in personality that are common to cheaters is that they become more secretive, defensive argumentative and less affectionate. If you notice these changes it may be cause for concern.

Working out more

If your partner has all of a sudden started working out more than they ever used to then perhaps they are trying to tone up their physic in order to impress someone. If they appear to be hitting the gym for reasons other than their health or to impress you then this could suggest there is someone else in the picture.

Uninterested in family events 

Attending your partner’s family events shows one is truly committed to their relationship. So if your partner starts to hide away from these events it may be a sign that they are feeling guilty, no longer care or don’t see a future with you anymore because they have their eyes on someone else.

Is your partner hiding away from family events it may be because they have something or someone to hide. Source: Getty

Deflecting once confronted about infidelity

If you accuse your partner of cheating and they instantly accuse you of the same thing, they may be feeling guilty and wanting to take the pressure off themselves.

However, it is suggested that you wait until you have proof before making any accusations.

They’re not jealous

A lack of jealousy implies that your partner may no longer be interested in you or care about the relationship.

If you are noticing any of these signs, and ready to bring it up with your partner it is recommended that you plan the conversation before it all goes down and try to approach the conversation calmly.

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