Meet the parents pole dancing with their three children

A pole-dancing couple are not only practicing with their kids, but performing as a five-piece.

Jake Night and Lindsey Teall both performed as exotic dancers when they met and fell in love, but they had no idea that they would pass on their talents to their three children, aged ten, five and three.

With a pole set up in the living room of their home in Missouri, US, the close-knit family can practice their pole tricks anytime they like, as well as prepare for their performances.

While Jake and Lindsey have no concerns about their children pole dancing, classifying it as a ‘sport’, and denying it is sexual, they’ve received a torrent of abuse online for their lifestyle choice.

The family perform together. Photo: Barcroft TV

“We have dealt with a lot of negative comments, I can’t even count, thousands upon thousands upon thousands,” dad Jake said. “We’ve heard some pretty horrific things, they were going to hunt us down and kill us and take our children.

“The naysayers, the haters and everybody like that just makes us, as parents, more protective of them.”

Lindsey says many people are unable to accept that pole dancing is also a legitimate sport.

“A lot of people, you just can’t change their opinion. We’re living our most authentic life, sometimes people don’t like that; they want you to be like everybody else,” she said.

“I actually don’t have any concern about my children participating in pole dance. Stripping is becoming somewhat obsolete, clubs are getting less busy, they’re dying down. Pole dance is taking a new route, it’s evolving into a sport, into an art.”

Eleven-year-old Aiden, from Lindsey’s first marriage, practices pole dancing every day after school while Alaura and Rosalyn, age five and three respectively, were born with the bug after Lindsey pole danced through both pregnancies.

Jake Night and Lindsey Teall had both performed as exotic dancers when they met. Photo: Barcroft TV

“The reason we decided to perform as a family is because we love dancing together,” the 32-year-old mum said.

“I was pole dancing when I was pregnant with both of the girls and I think that when they were born they felt that they were already a part of that art.

“We pole dance every day if not more, I dance at work obviously, then the kids dance when I’m not here and they also dance when I’m here.

“We feel that pole dancing is a sport for kids as well as for adults because it’s very dance-heavy and it’s also very gymnastics-heavy. You have to be strong, you have to be graceful.”

Jake, 36, believes pole dancing also helps build discipline, as well as interest in another art form.

And Lindsey agrees.

Lindsey did pole dancing while pregnant with her daughters. Photo: Barcroft TV

“I really needed something to spark my artistic nature. So I went to a club and I saw a dancer on stage and I said, ‘I really wanna try this’,” she said.

The couple didn’t start performing together until after their daughter Alaura was born.

“We bought a pole and I started teaching classes,” Lindsey said. “That’s when I started discovering my love for competitive pole dancing and for performing on the pole outside of the club.

“We’ve done performances where both of us are on the pole, we’ll do doubles, it was really refreshing and being able to do it with a partner and adding our kids into that aspect, was amazing.”

Aiden is planning on following in her footsteps as he perfects his pole skills.

“I pole dance almost all the time, basically whenever I get home, sometimes I jump on the pole do a few tricks, jump off, do my normal thing,” Aiden said.

“I actually do want to compete in pole dancing when I’m older, so that way it can be a family tradition to compete.”

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