Teacher sparks heated debate with racy outfit: 'Inappropriate'

Her low-cut corset showed off her curvy figure.

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A US high school teacher has divided people over a racy outfit she wanted to wear to work. The TikToker, who goes by the pseudonym Alice Ivy, teaches biology in Houston.

In a TikTok shared with her 78,000 followers, she asked if it was wrong to wear a skimpy outfit while teaching children. She started the clip with her hand shielding her body from view before revealing what was underneath.

Two photos of TikToker Alice Ivy in skimpy clothing
The TikToker sent people into a spin when she asked if her outfit was appropriate for a school teacher. Photo: TikTok/ youlovemealreadyy

The brunette sported a pair of thick black glasses and showed off her figure in a high black miniskirt and thigh-high stockings. She left very little to the imagination in a low-cut, tight floral corset, and left her hair fall around her face in waves.

Her video quickly went viral, racking up over 1.5 million views and over 25,000 likes.


“As a teacher you can’t wear that outfit to work!” she wrote on TikTok, before asking followers what they thought.

The majority of people said she shouldn’t even be considering wearing that to teach children, although quite a few admitted she looked great in the outfit.

L: TikToker Alice Ivy looks to the ceiling in a floral corset. R: TikToker Alice Ivy takes a mirror selfie in a floral corset, black miniskirt and knee high stockings
One person condemned the biology teacher's choice, calling her 'gross'. Photo: TikTok/youlovemealreadyy

“Not really, it’s inappropriate for class attire — student or teacher. That’s a clubbing outfit, not a work outfit,” a TikTok user pointed out.

“Nobody will take you seriously. That includes the staff, the parents and the kids,” another remarked.

“I wouldn’t allow you to teach my kid. Grow up and keep school about school,” a third chimed in.

“This is gross. Sorry, but wearing this in front of a classroom full of minors, is sick,” another claimed.

Others added that not only was it ‘unacceptable’ for a teaching job, there aren’t many jobs that would allow this type of attire either.

“Absolutely not. In any professional office setting you would be [dress] coded almost immediately,” claimed a viewer.

However, some people defended the teacher’s choice to wear what she felt ‘comfortable’ in.

“I’m in an all girls school so if you wear a jacket or something over that you’d be fine,” a student wrote.

“Well if there is no specific dress code, I don’t see why not. If the parents are concerned for their kids, they should teach [them] not to reduce someone [to] the clothes they wear, and for [those who think] ‘it’s distracting’, just stop sexualising [her],” another declared.


“[If] you are comfortable, then okay. But I wouldn’t be, if I had to stand in front of a class all day, I would prefer more comfy clothes,” a third added.

The TikToker has a side hustle as an OnlyFans creator and uses social media to help advertise her profile on the adult subscription website.

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