Teacher comes up with fun call-and-response for her 6th grade class

This teacher asked her 6th grade students to help brainstorm a catchy call-and-response phrase for their class, and viewers were in hysterics over how all of the options were advertisement jingles.

As a teacher in charge of a bunch of 6th graders, TikToker Solange (@jesselleee_) needed a good call-and-response that would get her students’ attention, and what better way to accomplish this than by involving them in the selection process? Solange posted a video of the fun brainstorming session, and viewers, especially teachers, couldn’t help but join in to offer their ideas.

The clip opens with a shot of Solange standing at the front of the classroom while testing various call-and-response catchphrases with her students.

Starting with the jingle for the restaurant chain Red Robin, Solange tells the class that when she calls “Red Robin,” they respond with “Yum!”

After giving it a spin, the class isn’t sold on the Red Robin call-and-response, so they move on to the jingle from O’Reilly Auto Parts.

“O, O, O, O’Reillyyyy,” Solange calls out, inciting an eager “Auto Parts… Ow!” response from her students. The class is more enthusiastic about the O’Reilly Auto Parts call-and-response, and they particularly enjoy the part where they get to yell, “Ow!”

While it almost seems like O’Reilly Auto Parts will be the winner, one student suggests they try the Safelite AutoGlass jingle.

“Safelite Repair,” Solange calls before the class responds, “Safelite Replace.” Delighted, Solange exclaims, “I love that one! Can we please do that one?”

Before making the final decision, they test out the Safelite AutoGlass call-and-response one last time. “That one’s gonna be cute,” Solange confirms, eagerly nodding her head in approval at the end of the video.

Viewers, especially teachers, took to the comments to join in on the fun by sharing other call-and-response taglines.

“Hillshire farms, GO MEATS,” one user commented.

“We settled on ‘It’s corn! It has the juice,” shared one educator.

“I say “Are you ready, kids?” And they say, “Ay ay captain,” another teacher noted.

Based on the video, being a student in Solange’s class seems like a lot of fun.

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