Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Had The Cutest Interactions At Her Eras Tour In Argentina, And The Internet Is Obsessed

Attention: New Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce tea dropped!

closeup of Taylor Swift onstage
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Over the past few months, speculation over the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and the "Anti-Hero" singer's rumored romance has left everybody gushing over relationship easter eggs and candid photos being released from the vault.

Closeup of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Is everybody obsessed with these photos like me?

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Back in September, Taylor was spotted several times hanging out with Travis's mom and friends during his games, and now that her tour's back — it's Trav's turn to be in the audience.

Taylor with Travis Kelce's mother
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On Saturday, Taylor performed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of her Latin American Eras Tour, and a smitten Travis was spotted in the crowd.

Taylor Swift onstage
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As seen in this fan-captured video, Travis was seated next to Taylor's dad, Scott Kingsley Swift.

Travis with Taylor Swift's dad

Spending time with each other's parents is peak '90s rom-com energy, and I'm sold.

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If you've been following these little lovebirds like me, you would've noticed Travis dropped a hint about where he was headed during an episode of his podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, with his big brother.

Closeup of Travis and Jason Kelce
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"Got anything you're looking forward to going to?" Jason, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, asked.

Travis and Jason in the stands
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"Not really," Travis responded. "I might just say fuck it and just go somewhere nice, I don't know. My skin's getting real pale, so I gotta go somewhere sunny."

Travis and Jason at an event
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"Somewhere south?" Jason intercepted before Travis said it's actually "closer to the equator."

Travis and Jason Kelce at an event

Travis gets a conversion point for understanding the importance of sharing adorably coded tidbits with the Swiftie community.

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But, the best part about him "going south" to Buenos Aires to hang out with Papa Swift is what happened after/during Taylor's performance of "Karma."

"In my mind, she's always looking at Travis."
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First, Taylor decided to change the lyrics of the song. Taylor sang, "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me," which is obviously not part of the original song, and Travis's reaction was priceless.

Closeup of Taylor Swift onstage
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Shocked, Travis put his hands over his head like he had a schoolyard crush and continued dancing along to the song.

Closeup of Travis Kelce
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Even Papa Swift was excited by the mention, tapping Travis on the shoulder to let him know as if Taylor and the entire stadium weren't already looking in his direction.

  @flormosso_ / Via
@flormosso_ / Via

It's Mr. Swift cheering on the sidelines for Travis that does it for me.

  @flormosso_ / Via
@flormosso_ / Via

Another fan-captured video shows that Travis also blew her a kiss and waved to her when the song finished. But, of course, Taylor, the performer she is, had to top that cuteness.

Taylor Swift onstage
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A video showed a giddy Taylor running backstage (á la Rachel McAdams in The Notebook) into Travis's arms, where she kissed his cheek.

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How many times did I watch this? The answer is YES.

I seriously can't handle this incredibly blurry screenshot. It's too adorable.

Taylor and Travis embracing

And a lot of residents agree with me. Here's what they're saying:

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"Aaaaaaand the internet just broke."

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If "Karma" is her boyfriend and it's also Travis Kelce, does that mean she just confirmed they're official?

Let me get out of here before my speculation gets me in trouble.