Taylor Swift Fans Think They Finally Figured Out How Travis Kelce Sneaked on Stage at Eras Tour

Swifties believe that they finally know how Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce was able to successfully sneak on stage at the London Eras Tour show.

The Kansas City Chiefs football player surprised the crowd (and fans online) when he appeared in a suave tuxedo with tails and a top hat to carry Swift on stage and help get her ready for her performance of "I Can Do It With a Broken Heart."

But what added to the surprise was the fact that no one seemed to have seen Kelce arriving on stage, which is strange since the man is 6 feet 5 inches tall.

Now, some Swifties think they figured out the truth, sharing a clip that allegedly shows Kelce sneaking past fans. In a short clip shared to X, a fan wrote, "UR JOKING HIS 6’5 AS HIDING UNDER A WILLOW CLOAK😭😭😭."

The video focuses on Swift at the end of "Down Bad" as a security guard passes by. Behind him, someone follows in a green velvet cape that the singer and her dancers wear during "Willow," allegedly walking hunched over. They appear at the very bottom of the screen and can easily be missed at first glance.

"excuse me but how??? 😭😭😭 this is looney tunes level of goof and somehow works????" one fan reacted, as more said, "The fact that it worked is the funniest part," and "I’m actually howling 🤣😭 it gets funnier with every watch ahahah."


Clever fans also managed to track down video footage of Kelce leaving the VIP tent, with one Swiftie writing, "Me judging Travis for missing so high school," and another noting, "I feel dumb tho bc there was no glance towards the tent during so high school we should’ve known."

Kelce's part in the show was a hit with fans, with many hoping that he will join his girlfriend on the Eras Tour stage again in the future.

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