Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced She Added Travis Kelce's Signature Touchdown Dance to Eras Tour Show

Swifties know all too well that Taylor Swift loves adding Easter eggs to almost everything she does. And fans are convinced the pop superstar added one of Travis Kelce's signature touchdown dances to a recent Eras Tour show.

In a clip shared via X from Night 2 of Swift's Amsterdam stop on July 5, Swift performed "Midnight Rain" when the subtle tribute happened. She sang the lyrics, "And he never thinks of me / Except when I'm on TV," before busting the Kelce-favorite celebration move.

"Am i crazy or is it one of travis’ touchdown dances," the X user wondered.

The question was quickly answered in the comments, with another fan sharing a clip of Kelce dancing similarly on the field following a touchdown.

In the comments, other X users reacted to Swift's possible hat tip to her NFL beau. One fan wrote, "I’m 99% sure you are correct," while another shared, "It absolutely is imo and I’m a hardcore chiefs fan lol."

Still, others had doubts, with one person pointing out, "It’s close but not quite. I think she’s trying though."

Someone else agreed, writing, "Nope….close …maybe an attempt lol and her version is cuter but definitely different than his moves!"

Yet another X user commented, "If he hasn’t done it in the past, he may add it this upcoming season now. I wonder how much Eras tour choreography we will see him do now that he is pretty much an expert. It would be funny."

What do you think of Swift's subtle nods to Kelce during her Eras Tour shows?

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