Taylor Swift Fans Concerned After Eras Tour Dancers Are 'Missing' From Amsterdam Show

Taylor Swift fans are hoping everything's okay after noticing a few key players were missing from the singer's latest Eras Tour concert.

While playing the Johan Cruijff Stadium in Amsterdam on Thursday, July 4, a few of Swift's backup dancers were noticeably absent from certain performances, and fans are still trying to get to the bottom of the reason why.

Pro dancer Natalie "Nat" Peterson, was among the performers who didn't participate in their usual routines on stage next to Swift, 34. Fans immediately noticed Peterson's absence during the performance of "So High School," during the segment of the show that covers The Tortured Poets Department era.

Peterson usually sits right next to Swift during the song but was replaced by another dancer for Friday's performance. Peterson was also said to be missing from several other numbers throughout the show as well.

A popular fan account for the Eras Tour dancers, which is followed by Peterson herself, took to Instagram on Thursday to address Peterson's absence, which they said was the result of a case of food poisoning.

"She was pushing through it for a few dances," the account posted, while ensuring Swifties that Peterson is "okay" and hopefully not "pushing herself too hard."

But another one of the fan-favorite dancers from the show, Kam Saunders, also missed out on the performance of "So High School," as well as two other numbers from TTPD, though he was present for his other usual routines, including solo parts on "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and "Bejeweled."

Jan Ravnik was also missing from "So High School," "But Daddy I Love Him" and "Who's Afraid Of Little Old Me?" though he still performed his other routines as usual.

"So Nat left because she has food poisoning but why did Kam and Jan leave??? I need to know," one fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday after the TTPD set.

"I really hope they’re all okay," one worried fan wrote online, while other fans speculated that Saunders and Ravnik were only missing from certain numbers for blocking reasons amid Peterson's absence.

"Maybe to make the staging even because people had to move around," another person theorized, adding, "Or to help her!"

While none of the dancers have officially addressed the situation, we know that Swift's show had to go on—and it did so without a hitch!

The "Fortnight" songstress will play two more shows in Amsterdam on Friday, July 5 and Saturday, July 6.

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