Taurus Daily Horoscope – March 23 2020

Saturn into Aquarius…

I’ve been doing daily messages while we are all in lockdown and today I promised to talk about the move of Saturn into Aquarius. However I got so carried away, I barely had any time to do it so I promised to write about it here. Saturn only changes signs about every two years. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, so where he goes karma follows. What we sow is what we reap and we make our bed and we lie in it are both very Saturnian phrases. Saturn demands integrity and honesty, even if it’s brutal. And Saturn is also about lack, limitations, loneliness and isolation. Aquarius, (which we ALL have in our chart, by the way – that’s just how astrology works!) is the sign of humanity. So here we all are. In lock-down. Isolated. But Saturn teaches us lessons. So what are you learning now, as we move through this time?

Where Saturn is for you now…

More so than EVER, today is a day to read your Rising Sign if you know it!
Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. As of now, Saturn is hanging out in your work zone offering you the chance to define and build your working life, if you know that you need to. What many of you will need to do in order to bring a new order to their professional lives is to overcome any niggling fear of failure. Saturn can indeed bring fear and if he does, he challenges you to rise above that fear. Are there aspects of your public and professional life which do have you worried? If that’s the case, Saturn’s objective is to remind you that it’s hard work which brings rewards. This is an excellent time to seek the support and counsel of your co-workers, especially those who are older or somehow superior to you. If you can follow the lead of experts now, you will have risen to Saturn’s challenge. This is a year when you realise that you only need to take one step at a time in order to climb the career ladder. And one where you realise that it’s the effort you put into your work which bring the rewards you crave. But don’t be duped into working just to maintain a lifestyle. Though you love the finer things in life – and know that many of these have a high price tag – try and look to your work for professional satisfaction as well as financial rewards.

Being responsible might be a burden, but it’s the best way forward now, so don’t be shy to slave away at work. You will be rewarded for your labours. Eventually. This is a year to sow seeds. And between all this hard work and ‘sowing’, here’s one last thing to attempt in now; no matter how hard you work and no matter how long it takes to reap the rewards you’re chasing, try to enjoy your work as much as you can. If you face the daily grind grimly, the year will drag. Instead, this if this as an investment year which will pay big dividends in years to come, if you can just put your nose to the grindstone.

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