Taurus Daily Horoscope – December 21 2020

Yasmin Boland
·2-min read

And it’s ANOTHER very big day astrologically-speaking

As you might know, today we have what’s known as The Great Conjunction — it’s the meeting between Jupiter and Saturn which happens about once every 20 years. However it hasn’t happened in Aquarius since 1405 and they haven’t been exactly this close for 800 years!

Today’s forecast is all about what it means for you.

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What does The Great Conjunction mean for you?

The Great Conjunction is happening in your 10th House

Expect challenges and rewards when it comes to your reputation, career and how you make your mark on the world.

This is an interesting one. The conjunction of planets in Aquarius is telling you to be diligent and professional in order to achieve huge, sustained career success. Ditch your imposter syndrome — you’ve earned this. You might even become famous.

If you work outside the home, there will be a lot demanded of you this year. But professional achievement is not the only way to leave a legacy. Just as meaningful is your work as a parent or grandparent.

Don’t expect a smooth ride from close family, but draw on Jupiter’s tolerance and sense of humour to meet any obstacles.

Want more info?

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