Taurus Daily Horoscope – 31 December 2021

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T’was the night before 2022…

T’was the night before 2022 and all through the world, everyone was holding their collective breath and hoping to God/dess that the New Year will mark a turning point for the world. Spoiler alert; it will! Your forecast today gives you a taster of the year ahead.
Your 2022 is on fire!
In a nutshell: Restlessness and change have been a signature – and necessary, theme over the past few years. Hopefully any upsets have guided you in making more authentic choices. 2022 will continue to bring exciting and possibly dramatic turning points as your personal growth this year is set alight! You’ll be ready to shake off the solid, stable and familiar and trade it for potential and possibility. Be willing and ready to embrace change as it will catapult you into freedom, self-expression and adventure. If you find yourself doing things that are out of character for you, then that’s your cue that you’re on the right track!

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