Taurus Daily Horoscope – 20 December 2021

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The planet of love and abundance, Venus, is now retrograde

Is this a bad thing? No! It means we all get a chance to re-evaluate everything and decide what really matters. Following is info about where Venus is retrograde for you. Read your Rising Sign if you know it – and if you don’t but you wish you did, find it out for free here.
Venus is going backwards in your 9th House of travel, study and self-improvement. If you’re about to go away somewhere that’s going to take you back to someone or somewhere you once loved, you’re totally on the right cosmic vibe. If you’re weighing up a travel or study plan and wondering how much of yourself you want to give or how much you want to spend, then keep wondering – the answers should have come by the end of this cycle. And if you’re reconsidering your whole life and getting your priorities straight, then lucky you! Clarity will arrive soon! Want to make the most of the Venus retrograde? Do this 3-part Venus retrograde free course while it’s still free! Click here to access now.

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