Taurus Daily Horoscope – 18 January 2022

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The lunar nodes are changing signs…

Today the lunar Nodes are changing signs – they are karmic points in the sky where the orbit of the Moon around Earth meets the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. So today everyone’s (slightly unusual) forecast is about that — essentially the South Node is where it’s all TOO EASY and the North Node is where we need the courage to do more, to go towards, to push ourselves.
For you, the South Node is now in your 7th House of relationships and the North Node is in your sign! In a nutshell, this means that while it might be fun to be part of a couple (and there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t do that), in the coming year and a half, you will find greater happiness and fulfillment lie by standing on your own two feet, even if it’s within your coupledom. Being self-reliant is key. PS My much-loved 7-day Moonology Manifesting Challenge IS BACK! It’s going to be EXTRAORDINARY and completely free for you! Register here.

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