Taubmans pours support into disaster recovery

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Moruya was hit hard by the bushfires in January 2020. The small community was totally isolated for several days as it was surrounded by fires that ravaged the NSW South Coast. Residents were forced to flee their homes and properties, as fires destroyed everything in their path.

After the fires subsided, many locals were left with nothing. As they were faced with the enormous task of rebuilding their homes and livelihoods, BlazeAid stepped in to help. This national volunteer-based organisation works with families and individuals in rural Australia, to help rebuild fences and other structures that have been damaged or destroyed after natural disasters such as fires and floods. They set up campsites in affected areas, and work over several months to get the job done. Just as importantly, the volunteers lift the spirits of the community, and help people find their feet again.

Because many of the BlazeAid volunteers spend several months at a time on site, they need essentials to keep them going – which is where Taubmans has stepped in. Through a partnership with Australian online charity GIVIT, which has seen $155,000 donated for recovery efforts over the past year, vouchers have been provided to BlazeAid to buy the essential items needed for their campsites in Moruya and across the country. So far Taubmans’ donation means BlazeAid has been able to set up campsites with essentials like water cubes and toilet paper, as well as washing machines, frying pans and slow cookers. All these things make it possible for volunteers to stay at the campsites for long periods of time, and be of as much help to the local community as possible.

Taubmans pours support into disaster recovery
Taubmans pours support into disaster recovery

“Organisations like GIVIT, which is supported by Taubmans, make(s) a difference,” says Christine Male, Vice President of BlazeAid. “They can set us up in the area. We don’t have to wait a week for goods to be delivered. They can come straight into the camp, sometimes within hours. We’re forever grateful for that support.”

Taubmans launched the national In It Together paint drive in partnership with GIVIT in March 2020. The aim was to help communities devastated by bushfires, floods and prolonged drought by raising money for immediate relief, and also responding to long-term community rebuilding needs by supporting the restoration of important community buildings.

The fundraising is still going strong too; as this year’s In it Together drive hits the half-way mark, Taubmans has pledged to donate at least $180,000 to support GIVIT’s ongoing work in bushfire, drought and flood hit regions.

To help our communities doing it tough due to bushfire, prolonged drought or floods, Taubmans has pledged to donate to GIVIT, $5 for every 4L tin of Taubmans Endure and Taubmans All Weather, and $2.50 for every 4L tin of Taubmans Easycoat and Taubmans Sunproof purchased from Bunnings, Taubmans and participating Bristol Paints and independent stores during the ‘In it Together’ paint drive. Look for the ‘In It Together’ signage in store.

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