Taskmaster airs “worst” prize task round in show’s history

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Taskmaster airs “worst” prize task round everChannel 4

Taskmaster season 16 spoilers follow.

Tonight's (October 26) Taskmaster wasn't off to a great start with this year's lineup setting an unwanted record.

According to the one and only Greg Davies, this episode's prize task was the worst in the show's 16 seasons — and that's saying something.

Presented by Greg's aide Alex Horne, the first studio task of the night required the contestants — Julian Clary, Lucy Beaumont, Sam Campbell, Sue Perkins and Susan Wokoma — to come up with the greatest object that can make the loudest noise when you shake it.

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It seems that none of the group were able to rise to the bizarre brief, leaving Greg hugely unimpressed with some bland answers.

Susan looked back at her childhood's Christmas memories, bringing a squeaky water bed that got her just one point. Two points were given to Julian and his drawer full of cutlery, while Sue got three points presenting (and subsequently smashing) her great-aunt-aunt-aunt Margaret's glass swan collection.

Lucy managed to intrigue Greg and Alex for a second with her "cream horn," then revealing it was self-explanatorily a horn attached to a cream can. She got four points, while Sam's bucket lined with sandpaper and full to the brim of matches and fire alarms earned him five points.

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Greg reluctantly assigned the points, declaring the prize task "the worst round in Taskmaster history".

"Worst round in 16 series," he repeated in disbelief.

Luckily for the comedians, the evening could only get better from such a lacklustre start.

The episode continued with the gang having to avoid moving robots while wearing blackout goggles and working in teams in a Taboo-inspired task taking place in two locations.

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In this challenge, one contestant would have to give directions to their teammates to recreate a garage scene in the lab without saying certain words, including the objects that were to be used.

They then needed to incorporate a nursery rhyme in the creepiest, most cinematic possible scenes. Finally, the group were ready for the live task, passing pineapples and hiding them behind their backs to trick Greg.

After having been in the lead for the entire episode, Lucy managed to break her unlucky streak and won with 20 points.

Taskmaster series 16 airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4, where you can also stream previous series.

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